Placerville, Sacramento Valley Railroad, a ‘Catalyst’

The Sacramento Valley Railroad from Sacramento to Folsom was the first railroad west of the Mississippi. The first train ran in February 1856.

The route toward Placerville was originally to be part of the first transcontinental railroad through the Sierra Nevada range. It never made it!

The Folsom, El Dorado & Sacramento Historical Railroad Association wants to establish an excursion train operation on the scenic line toward Placerville, a community trolley linking highway 50 at Folsom Point with Folsom Historic District, and an interactive educational ‘rail themed park’ at the Folsom Junction ‘Wye’.

“Our mission is to protect, preserve and develop the Folsom – Placerville railroad right-of-way, and to celebrate its legacy through the creation and operation of a sustainable community railroad for the benefit, use, education and enjoyment of the general public.”

Folsom, El Dorado & Sacramento Historical Railroad Association

The trolley will be a sustainable Community asset and link hotels, highway 50, Broadstone, Folsom Lake College, medical facilities, Bidwell St. (rail themed park), and Historic Folsom Depot and the attractions of the historic district.

Adaptation of the current bus services will offer far greater public transport coverage for the residents of Folsom and as such, an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to the automobile.

The excursion rail operation will connect with the trolley at Folsom Point and head to Latrobe and then up to Shingle Springs and El Dorado town were there is the potential to create ‘destinations,’ link up with a proposed logging railroad center, also to coordinate with cycle paths and trails, giving greater access and options for both residents and visitors.

Special events will create excellent marketing opportunities for the wider area from ‘Thomas’ style events through staged train robberies to wine trains or even sake trains.

The list of possibilities is virtually endless.

The railroad development is a catalyst that will confirm the unique nature of Folsom as a Gateway from the Sierra to the Modern World, and create new tourism development opportunities for western El Dorado County, bringing improved marketing exposure for Folsom, Western El Dorado County and the Economic 50 corridor, bolstering the economy and creating a ‘must see’ destination for visitors to California.

We are actively seeking even more partnerships to help achieve this exciting goal.

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By Philip Sanders Rose