MeeMeep, The Online Business That’s Going Places

Ever seen a great bargain on-line and it’s just what you need, you get excited only to find out that it’s pick up only and the cost of a courier to get it to you or for you to drive to get it, means it’s not such a great bargain after all? Well read on, because this could be just what you need. And for those of us concerned about our carbon footprints, and companies with an environmental conscience, this is definitely for you.

MeeMeep is an on-line business that connects people who have stuff to move. It transforms commuters into couriers and is the brain child of the founder members George Mackey and Will Rob and Jodie Emmett. The business was created after Rob was stuck in traffic one day, Rob said “I was watching empty cars and vans going back and forth, and I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could harness all that commuter movement for good use? What’s stopping us from connecting the physical power of people with the digital power of the internet?”

Meemeep helps people move things from one place to another, economically.

That’s exactly what they’ve done; with the motto of people power can move anything, MeeMeep has moved over 200 jobs since its launch, from the delivery of Christmas presents, E-Bay pick up only items, beds, fridges, you name it, they connect you with someone who can move it for you, even the occasional office lunch has been moved this way.

So how does it work? You can register online at Once registered, the network connects people who have stuff to move to others who are already out and about. An introduction is given online, a fee negotiated between the two parties and your goods are on the move.

MeeMeep’s Director of marketing and strategy, Will Emmett, said “being involved in a new start up has been exciting and challenging at the same time. Some of the bigger challenges have been operational – creating a great user experience on the website – as well as building trust, safety and community into everything we do. We are learning all the time and the feedback from our community has really driven how we have built the site.”

If you have something to move or say a half full removals truck, and want to fill it up and share the costs, then have a look at, an inspirational, environmentally friendly business, that is a winner for everyone.

Fiona Hammond is a journalist who graduated from the John Morris journalism academy. Fiona lives on the south coast of NSW Australia and writes human interest stories and opinions, about gardening, sustainability, fishing, the environment and our planet.