How You Can Find The Best Esports Team With A Competent Agent

There is a new trend that has been growing for nearly a decade. Part of its rise in popularity has to do with the advent of smartphones, tablet computers, and faster Internet speeds. This trend is called eSports, and if you have not played before, it is likely that you have heard of some of them. Many of the popular ones such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are played by hundreds of thousands of people every day. It is a multibillion-dollar industry when looking at the totality of all of these games which are played by people on teams. The fact that eSports has become so popular, it has prompted the need for agents that can represent not only players, but also teams. Here is an overview of how you can find the best eSports team that actually has a competent agent working for them.

Why Would Electronic Sports Teams Need An Agent?

When people think of regular sports such as basketball or football, there is a clear need for agents that will represent players. For example, you will have recruiters going to different high schools and colleges across the nation, looking to represent them and help them find a position on a professional team. However, in eSports, the same is also true. There are players of these games which are quite phenomenal. Having them on your team would actually help the entire team itself get to not only higher levels, but also to competitions where cash prizes can be one.

What Do These Agents Do For eSports Players?

When a player is phenomenal, and they would like to play on a better team to perhaps qualify for tournaments, they can find agents that will represent them. They will have contacts with other agents that are representing other teams. When that occurs, they can start negotiating. Trades can happen where one player goes to another team. It slightly different in the real world because players actually have to relocate. In the digital world, you are simply transitioning to another team without having to move anywhere. The only time that players have to travel a great distance is when they are going to play in these tournaments. These are held in major cities around the world, and depending upon the particular eSports that you are good at, you could win a substantial amount of money.

How Much Can You Earn Playing eSports?

It is possible for certain players to earn as much as $15,000 a month playing games like League of Legends. Other games may not pay as much, but it is still possible to make $5000 a month or more. Most players that are good enough to qualify for tournament play will make a minimum of $1000 a month. However, they have to work with an agent that will be able to find a sponsor for them so that they can begin to earn money playing these games that they love.

How You Find Agents For eSports?

Finding agents for eSports is becoming easier than ever before. In its infancy, there was probably a handful of people that worked with multiple games and a multitude of different teams. Today, there are specific agents for games that are extremely popular such as Dota 2, Call of Duty, and games like Overwatch. You will simply do a search on the web for an eSports agent. There are typically websites or social media pages where you can start to make contacts. It’s also a good idea to attend events that are focused upon eSports to make contacts in person. If you are very good at these games, they will definitely want to help you. As they find better players, they will also make more money. It works so similarly to regular sports, for some people, it’s hard to imagine that digital games can prompt so much attention.

How To Negotiate With eSports Agents

When a regular athlete is in negotiations with an agent, their record speaks for themselves. If you can show proof of the accomplishments that you have made with your particular eSports, this will help motivate them to help you generate more revenue. Of course, when you start out, it might be a fairly low amount of money but at least you are being paid for playing a digital game. As time passes, and as you make more accomplishments that they are directly aware of, they can use that information to negotiate a higher salary for when you play.

Are Agents Really Necessary?

One final concept to ponder is whether or not you would actually need to find an agent. This is a question that many people ask because they may already have connections. For example, you might be with the group of friends that have been playing for several years. You already have a few of your buddies playing for large amounts of money. In that particular case, you wouldn’t need an agent. They could vouch for you in regard to your skills. They may even want to bring you along if a couple of them are being signed. However, if you are an independent player, known for your skills, and agent will certainly be necessary. They will be your ticket into the emails of those that control the money, and subsequently, you could be earning a good living playing eSports on a regular basis.

Finding in eSports team within agent is a relatively simple process. Agents will have connections and these connections will help you get onto teams where you can generate money every month that you play. As you continue to improve, and as your teams continue to win, it is likely that you will get a boost in your annual revenue. It’s always good to have an agent if you don’t have access to the people that can hire you to play for these digital teams. Just make sure that you do your research and select the best agent that has represented other players, individuals that are now making a substantial amount of money.

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