Heal Your Piercings and Tattoos, The All Natural Way!

Earthly Body revamps their Miracle Oil for Body Art Enthusiasts

Due to the overwhelming demand for all-natural aftercare products for tattoos and body piercings, Earthly Body introduces Miracle Oil: Tattoo Tonic, a healing tonic whose ingredients are perfect for all types of body art aftercare. The oil contained in this small bottle is nothing short of a miracle when it comes to its healing powers.

The original top selling Miracle Oil has been reformulated with added natural moisturizing ingredients to help your pierced ear or inked arm heal with ease.

“I got a new tattoo about two months ago,” said Michelle Ahern, Earthly Body fanatic and body art enthusiast. “I used the Miracle Oil any time my tattoo felt dry. I loved it! My tattoo felt so much better after I used it.”


Miracle Oil: Tattoo Tonic comes in a small bottle with convenient dropper that is easy to apply and extremely travel friendly. Put it in sports bags, purses, backpacks, briefcases, first aid kits or in the car. Miracle Oil: Tattoo Tonic can go anywhere with you, which is extremely helpful in those all-too-common times when you need to moisturize your fresh body art.

Along with the benefits for tattoos and piercings, Miracle Oil: Tattoo Tonic can be used to heal and repair cuticles and skin, minor cuts and burns, shave bumps and waxing irritation, dry elbows and heels, athlete’s foot, sunburns and insect bites. It can also be used for stretch mark and scar prevention, toe nail infection protection and lots more.

About Earthly Body

Earthly Body is an international skincare company that promotes the health and well being of its clients through the use of all-natural ingredients. Ingredients used in a variety of Earthly Body products include hemp seed, tea tree oil, avocado, vitamin E, chamomile extract, jojoba, aloe vera and cucumber extract. Earthly Body creates products that are drug and cruelty-free.

Kevin Wachs created Earthly Body over 20 years ago with three retail locations in Southern California. With an international client list that includes Japan, France, Italy, Germany and Russia, Earthly Body is a company to keep your eye on.

Earthly Body is a proud sponsor of the Get Together Foundation, an organization serving as a broker for charities to insure that 100 percent of all donated money goes to its intended source. Get Together operates on a strictly volunteer basis with Earthly Body providing a large portion of its funding.

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