Have You Experienced [email protected]?

There’s confusion, anger, surrounding Google’s Buzz.

Google’s Buzz was sent-forth to combine with the search engine’s e-mail service.

“I’ve heard about Buzz, but not sure what it is.” Several people said. Google’s Buzz is a social media sharing service. It shares photos, videos, updates, and links from Gmail. Buzz works with mobile browsers too. Buzz is easy to use, and fast. Google, overall, protects user data.

“How do I start Buzz?” You asked.

1. Log into your Gmail account.

2. Below the in-box, the Buzz folder sits.

3. Click on it.

4. Follow the prompts.

Buzz is capable of connecting, pulling, feeds from Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Flickr, Google Reader, and Picasa Web.

You can share Blogger, Twitter, and YouTube through the Buzz stream. Let’s look at how it works.

A friend has accounts at the above mentioned sites, for example. There’s no need for you to subscribe to them, visit, or click on links. Simply, log into Gmail. Allow the Buzz stream to do the work.

The Buzz tab is under the in-box tab. There’s an auto-follow feature on Buzz. The goal is for an easy start-up. It allows frequent e-mail and chat clients, contacts, to follow you without tapping, clicking, on anything.

However, clients, contacts, were shown to the public before they filled out Buzz profiles. Some people were irate, others confused. Still, there are people, for one reason or another, that just rather not have the Buzz feature.

It’s understandable that people dislike their information open to the public, especially when they’re out of the “loop”. “We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear, and since we launched Google Buzz, we’ve been working to address the concerns you’ve raised,” explained Todd Jackson, Gmail and Google Buzz product manager. There is a way to rid yourself of Buzz. The bottom of Gmail has the words: “turn off Buzz”.

It removes active links, but leaves your profile open to the public. Free yourself of Buzz with the below steps.

1. Find your name, profile.

2. In the public time-line, delete every Buzz.

3. Remove all the followers too.

The arguments for and against Buzz continues. Have you experienced Buzz?