Folsom Leadership Academy Kicks Off With Focus on Leadership, Community

Folsom leadership academy logo

The Folsom Chamber of Commerce, in a collaborative effort with Folsom Lake College brought its leadership development program back to life. Taking shape in the form of a new Folsom Leadership Academy, the program emerges stronger than ever before. The new program features a brand new look and a comprehensive mission-driven curriculum aimed at developing and fostering diverse leaders from the city’s business, government and community sectors.

The kickoff event at Procissi Cellars and Fike Gallery on Sutter Street in the Historic District brought together students, faculty and administrators.

Rich Fiutko, Chairman of the Board, opened with introductions and thanks to sponsors, which include Intel, The City of Folsom, Mercy and Folsom Lake Bank. Maureen Gagliardi, Academy Administrator gave a humorous rundown on the leadership course, noting that the class teaches history and builds leaders who contribute to the community.

Rosemary Younts thanked Rich Fiutko for his opening welcome and for his effort to restart the academy. Rosemary reminded all the participants to learn the college blackboard system because it is the key to all the classes.

The Academy offers a full lineup of interactive educational sessions. Participants explore leadership concepts and engage in an in-depth examination of the many facets of the Folsom community and surrounding region.

The Academy course is held over nine months, with participants meeting bi-monthly for half-day classes. Interactive presentations, discussions, simulations and on-site visits expose the students to a wide range of information and issues.

Featured topics include

  • a colorful portrayal of Folsom’s history,
  • economic development,
  • city services and administration,
  • the process of public education,
  • healthcare and the nonprofit community,
  • justice and public safety,
  • California’s Correctional System and its impact on Folsom.

    Participants also have the opportunity to develop and fine tune their leadership skills through discussions and hands-on activities focused on the cutting edge of leadership, assessing leadership potential, the character of a leader, thinking like a leader, understanding diversity, effective presentations, and organizational teambuilding.

    This Academy is recognized as a credited business course at Folsom Lake College, designed to improve and strengthen the personal, professional and civic leadership lives of its participants, and ensure that Folsom has informed and prepared leaders for the future.

    Accredited instructors, community and government leaders join participants throughout the program, to offer their expertise; share their perspectives and insight and work together to achieve course objectives.

    To be accepted as students, all candidates passed an initial review by The Folsom Leadership Academy steering committee, made up of chamber, government, business, education and civic leaders. Each year, the steering committee reviews candidate applications, with an eye toward achieving the vision of the academy to “grow and inspire knowledgeable, creative and confident leaders in Folsom that are dedicated to further enhancing the quality of life in our community and committed to making a positive difference today and in the future.”

    Myriam Lieberman and Dr Thelma Scott Skillman.
    Myriam Lieberman and Dr Thelma ScottSkillman
    Platter from Karan
    Platter from Karan’s Bakery
    The room is full at Procissi Cellars
    The room is full at Procissi Cellars
    Wayne Procissi chats to Steve Heard.
    Wayne Procissi chats to Steve Heard.
    Maureen Gagliardi, Arielle McCracken.
    Maureen Gagliardi, Arielle McCracken
    John Hesse, Adam Frick, David Caesar.
    John Hesse, Adam Frick, David Caesar
    Jeff Starsky, Rosemary Younts.
    Jeff Starsky, Rosemary Younts.
    Myriam Lieberman and Terry Carroll.
    Myriam Lieberman and Terry Carroll
    Talking leadership.
    Talking leadership.
    John Haberek, Kristine Keables.
    John Haberek, Kristine Keables.
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