Eye Tracking Startup Mirametrix Acquired by TandemLaunch Technologies

MONTREAL, QC (RPRN) 03/08/11 – TandemLaunch Technologies today announced that it has completed the acquisition of all assets and staff of Vancouver-based Mirametrix Research Inc., a privately held provider of eye tracking technology.

Mirametrix is a technology company offering easy, affordable eye tracking systems for academic research, market research, usability, game design and more. The technology acquired through Mirametrix complements TandemLaunch’s consumer eye tracking portfolio.

“Mirametrix is an innovative small company that has successfully introduced eye tracking solutions for cost-competitive applications,” says Helge Seetzen, CEO of TandemLaunch. “TandemLaunch offers the resources to scale the Mirametrix business and ultimately bring eye tracking into the consumer market.”

Helge Seetzen assumes the CEO role for Mirametrix, while its founder, Dr. Craig Hennessey takes on the role of Chief Technology Officer.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

About TandemLaunch Technologies

TandemLaunch Technologies is a turn-key accelerator for multi-media innovation. By providing funding and resources, TandemLaunch enables inventors to bring their ideas to market. TandemLaunch invests up to $1M through a combination of venture funding, at-cost infrastructure and world-class talent. For more information visit tandemlaunchtech.com

About Mirametrix Research Inc.

Mirametrix Research Inc. is a startup focused on providing an easy, affordable eye tracker system. The company was based in Vancouver, British Columbia and is relocating to Montreal, Quebec. Mirametrix’s S1 Eye Tracker is used in a variety of eye tracking studies for academic research, market research, web and software usability and more. For more information visit mirametrix.com.

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Mirametrix Research Inc. is a startup specializing in easy and affordable eye tracking systems for academic research, market research, usability testing, game design and more. The company provides an eye tracker and eye tracking software that can be setup in minutes.

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