Entrepreneurs Reveal Can-do Spirit for 2009 In Financially Trying Times

The Entrex Private Company Index is set to release the annual CEO Sentiment Survey data for the next year. According to the survey, CEOs expect to see their companies planning to maintain or increase the number of full time staff they employ. These CEOs expect the shortage of capital will be short-lived and that capital will come back to allow them to close deals.

The Private Company Index contains a diverse collection of companies ranging up to annual revenues of $250 million. Their CEOs believe that while the overall economy may continue to decline, they think their own industries will be stronger in 2009.

Entrex reports that CEOs provided this feedback across a broad variety of sectors.

One of the question Entrex CEO, Stephen H. Watkins asked was about the effects of “the state of Wall St.” on business. Watkins said he was particularly interested to see the response from CEO respondents. He said, “While 75 percent of CEOs believe that the health of Wall St. does affect their industry, only half feel that it affects their company. I see this as yet another sign of positivity and optimism from the entrepreneurial community.”

Reading between the lines, Watkins sees CEOs who acknowledge this trying time for business set up their company’s plans to succeed in the current environment. He says this means they accept what that looks like right now as their starting point to advance their company from a base point.

The Entrex Private Company Index (PCI) is published monthly. Watkins says it is a proprietary benchmarking tool that measures revenue performance in the sector of private companies with $250 million or less in annual revenue. Investment professionals and financial media recognize it as a leading and authoritative source on private company revenue performance.

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