Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute Masterclasses On Systems & Money

On Friday, Nov 17, starting at 7am PST, the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute is running four Masterclasses to train entrepreneurs on Systems & Money.

Systems & Money Masterclasses

The first Masterclass, running from 7am to 10am PST is How To Create a Million Dollar Legacy.

Katherine Dean
Katherine Dean

Katherine Dean, the “Financial Empowerment” woman transforms an entrepreneur’s relationship with money to create a massive impact in their business, family & financial future. She provides the financial mindset & tools to create “an incredible legacy” for their family.

“In this three hour Master Class, I start with your money mindset to Create Wealth, Love Life & Live Free,” she says.

During the Masterclass, entrepreneurs and small business owners discover the keys to a financial breakthrough, work out what are their fears, stressors & anxiety with money while beginning to remove all limiting beliefs & discover their Financial Archetype.

This can bring about a huge financial breakthrough in their business & financial future by getting REAL with their goals & your WHY of building wealth & a legacy. As an MBA and Certified Financial Planner, Katherine Dean says the entrepreneur’s vision helps uncover their financial future they were previously only dreaming about. Then, they will make daily choices that make a big impact on their financial future, and she will provide easy tips to get them on the path to a Million Dollar Legacy.

The second Masterclass, running from 11am to 2pm PST is How To Create a High Ticket, High Margin Program.

Don Downs
Don Downs

Don Downs leads this three hour MasterClass where he’ll show participants how to create their own high-ticket high-margin program, and how to structure it so it virtually sells itself.

Downs says “The key to creating a seven figure business is high-ticket, high-margin programs that are scalable.”

Don Downs founded of Outsmart Your Technology, LLC and RV Business Coach. His passion is helping entrepreneurs get more clients so they make make a living doing what they love (and avoid getting a “real job.”)

Amy Bradbury.
Amy Bradbury

The third Masterclass, running from 3pm to 6pm PST is How To Double Your Profit By Hiring a CFO.

Amy Bradbury runs a MasterClass to tell us why having a good Chief Financial Officer makes a huge positive difference to businesses of all sizes. Remembering that “what gets measured gets done,” Bradbury says most entrepreneurs and businesses fail to measure the critical items they should measure.

Amy Bradbury shows why measurements and tracking are critical, what to track, and how to create simple systems to do the work. Participants also learn how to ensure the entire financial team communicates to the CEO in a language they can understand.

Measuring is just the first step. Second Step is Listen to the feedback and adjust course.

The fourth Masterclass, running from 7pm to 10pm PST is How To Finance the Business of Your Dreams.

Tom Matzen & Frank Bria present Systems & Money Masterclasses.
Tom Matzen and Frank Bria

Tom Matzen and Frank Bria tell participants the exact steps to take, to raise as much working capital as they need, to launch or expand the business of their dreams.

Entrepreneurs hire Frank & Tom to build seven figure authority businesses for them fast, because most are so busy wearing all their hats, overwhelmed how to get it done fast, doing things they don’t love, and frankly are often quite poor at, so they help them by doing a complete Run For You service that creates high-ticket programs, finds the ideal clients, and converts them to sales.

This works well, they say, because the Authority does what they’re best at doing, and everything else is done by Frank, Tom and their team. That’s how they can guarantee a million dollar income within two years.

Registrations for the Global Entrepreneur Summit are open now at: http://bit.ly/2zEzYZh

Helping Entrepreneurs Hurt by Hurricanes

Each of these four and the other 28 masterclasses are recorded, and lifetime access to the recordings is optionally available for purchase. Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute Co-founder Martin Barnes, told NewsBlaze, “The summit is going very well, with almost 2,000 people registered so far, and more coming in each day. 100% of the net proceeds from the Summit will go to help entrepreneurs hurt by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. We’re working hard to educate entrepreneurs and to do good at the same time.”

The co-founders and a small team of entrepreneurs are doing this because they support others who need help.

Chambers of Commerce are invited to participate by calling Tom Matzen, in Pacific Timezone, at +1-604-499-7164.

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