Bailout: An Open Letter to Senators McCain & Obama

The following message was sent to both Senators running for President:

Dear Senator Obama/McCain,

I am the CEO of a small woman-owned business ( I am watching very carefully as I imagine millions of other Americans are, to determine how you vote on the latest huge bailout plan endorsed by Treasury Secretary Paulson and to see the ideas you bring to the table.

This is an issue that will greatly influence how I vote in November.

This Plan came together Saturday and Secretary Paulson wants approval today or immediately (hurry up and rush). These are complex issues that will significantly impact us and future generations.

I am particularly concerned that the very CEOs who performed poorly are going to receive huge compensation packages and bonuses for essentially failing – as part of the package. This is unacceptable and must be addressed prior to any and all approvals.

I work very hard. My primary goal is to conduct business in an honest and ethical manner and keep the company financially viable for all. I also make the time and provide the resources to help those who serve and their families in the military community. I did not purchase sub prime mortgages or engage in any reckless financial decisions but my savings, investments, retirement, buying power and general financial stability are being placed at great risk. I will be paying along with millions of others for decades.

What is your position on this plan? What else would you do?

Thank you for your consideration.

Please be advised that I am addressing this exact question to Senator McCain/Obama. I am also copying the media. I am hoping that they will be able to get some answers.