6 Benefits of Creating Custom Business Apparel for Businesses

More than 30 million people head to work each day in uniform. Whether it’s a complete, head-to-toe uniform or a company t-shirt with a screen-printed logo, uniforms exude a sense of professionalism.

But there are many other reasons to create custom apparel for a business.

Codrin Arsene, CEO at Digital Authority Partners, a Chicago-based digital agency recently stated that there are multiple benefits to getting custom apparel for business purposes. These benefits include:

1. Maintaining a Professional Image

Branded business apparel creates a professional image in the workplace. Employees are easily identifiable when wearing company shirts, and customers tend to associate uniforms with trustworthy businesses.

A 2008 survey by JD Power and Associates found that 75% of people prefer to see uniforms on employees of the companies they do business with. A 2013 survey by Harris Interactive found that of the 2,051 adults polled, 65% said seeing an employee in uniform impacted their perception of the brand.

Custom branded apparel gives customers the impression that the company takes its business seriously and prioritizes professionalism.

2. Building Brand Awareness

Custom business apparel helps build brand awareness, particularly when worn outside of the workplace.

When branded shirts are worn by employees, customers and friends, they are unintentionally – but effectively – promoting the brand. Some people may ask questions about the company after reading the shirt, which gives that person the chance to talk about the company and its mission. A simple shirt can spark a conversation about the brand, which can lead to new customers and sales.

Others may not ask questions about the company, but they will read and remember the brand.

In order to take advantage of this benefit, the business must create fashionable apparel that people actually want to wear.

3. Fostering Team Spirit

When employees all wear the same company shirt or uniform, it fosters team spirit. Employees take pride in their work and their employers. Teamwork and productivity start to improve. People feel a sense of comradery.

In a way, branded apparel makes employees feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves; like they belong. It also removes the hierarchical system. Everyone wears the same or similar apparel, so there’s no indication that one employee is ranked higher than another.

Employees work better together when there’s a sense of community. Teamwork becomes second-nature, and things get done at a faster pace. When productivity improves, the company’s bottom line will improve.

4. Free Advertising

Custom apparel not only promotes the brand, but it also acts as free advertising. Let’s say that a company hands out free branded shirts to the friends and family of their employees. Those who received the shirt may start asking questions about the company. Then, when they wear those shirts out in public, others may ask questions about the brand. The simple act of giving away company t-shirts can have a ripple effect.

And those effects can be long-reaching.

Those people may take photos while wearing the branded shirts, and those photos may be posted on social media, where they’ll be seen by potentially hundreds of other users.

Whether brands give away their custom apparel to customers or require their employees to wear company t-shirts, brands are sure to benefit from the free advertising it provides. The apparel will spark conversations about the company and get people interested. The company will be one of the first that comes to mind when the person needs their products or services.

5. Improving Customer Relationships

In the workplace, branded business apparel can improve customer relationships. Company t-shirts make employees stand out in the crowd, so customers can easily locate them to ask questions or get the help they need.

Overall customer service is improved when customers can find and receive help from staff.

Also, if a company gives or sells branded apparel to customers, it can serve as a reminder of the company’s services and improve customer loyalty.

6. Improving Sales

Ultimately, custom business apparel helps businesses improve sales. Branded shirts help improve brand awareness while serving as free advertising for the company.

When people see branded business apparel, they remember the name. They may even ask questions about the company and what it does. That gets them interested in the brand, which can ultimately lead to more sales for the company.

Businesses can benefit greatly from creating custom business apparel, whether it’s through company t-shirts, promotional products sent to customers, or both. It promotes the brand, gets people talking and expands the company’s reach. The ultimate goal is to increase sales, but branded apparel can also improve morale among employees while promoting teamwork.

Melissa Thompson
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