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Kingsley Olaleye Reuben is an author who writes scripts, prose, poetry, and plays, journalistic stories and interviews, manages two blogs and is currently studying for a masters at Roehampton University, and working on his next book.You can contact Kingsley (also known as “The Bard”) by email [email protected] or through NewsBlaze.


Facebook: Pointers and Commentry for The Social Networking Generation

Kingsley has a funny and critical look at the social networking sensation that is Facebook...

Up Close and Personal With Aspiring Roehampton Leader ‘Ayesha Kahn’

Steve jobs was a great role model. He was a guy who gave a new direction to technology. I believe in change for the better. He was a legend.

‘Mega Phone Man’ Talks About Politics and Education

I talk to a pro-active campaigner of sorts, the Mega Phone Man, who has a message for people in this commercialized world.

Righteous Roe Gospel Choir Fills Roehampton University with ‘Godly’ Melodies

I enjoy the company of the angelic Righteous Roe gospel quire-Praise the Lord

Athens:Till Death Do Us Part

A page from the short story by K.O.Reuben, introducing a thriller of epic proportions without any catchy tag-line

What Makes The Dark Knight Shine?

What makes the dark knight shine? I probe the movie world of Batman...
Yelling opinions.

Comic Book Stories Magically Burst to Life on The Big Screen

Marvel studios seem has the spot with each comic book incarnation that has taken on a new life on the silver screen. Maybe not the hulk but Edward Norton did good in comparison to Eric Bana.

Jazz Brings New Melody to Roehampton University

I spoke with Ursula Malewski about the jazz school running on Roehampton University campus ...

Up Close and Personal With ‘Jimmy Savage’

My full name is James Robert Butler Gould. My nickname is James Gould, and my stage alias is Jimmy Savage.

App-preciating The App for Students!

I talked to the owner of Liztan Solutions about his app-provable app which promises to be app-pliable for a long time to come in student circles and beyond...

‘Drugs on Campus’ – a Bitter Pill to Swallow

NewsBlaze reporter uncovers a drugtrade on campus hidden in plain sight... A university is not a university without experiencing certain activities. Drug use is one of them.

My Unforgettable Childhood Pets

A story of all the pets to have lived within the remit of my house...

Do The Bible and Technology Share Incredible Relations?

I explore (very subjectvely) the Bible in relation to technology and vice versa and what being irritated has got to do with both...

‘Tazman’ on The Rise of Stardom

You listen to Tazman's range and you say 'yes, this guy has got it right,' With a little more push and hard work he could be well on his way...but for now Tazman is well on his way to answer some of our questions! Let's do this!

‘Halio’ The Coolest Rapper in Hackney

To be fair the Hackney born rap artist should have been interviewed a long time ago but fate booked the interview for another day. That day is today and now we get a chance to step into the world of Halio. Enjoy.
Yelling opinions.

All Things Righteous, All Things Roe

I talk with the director of gospel choir Righteous Roe...

Feminism and Its Facets

Shyanne Gilmore expels the myth of the man eating feminist. A graduate from the Roehampton University was on hand to enlighten me on the Amazonian cause that has been gaining popularity for more than centuries...

Does Society Need Poetry?

A glance at what poetry means to a collective of Roehampton university, old students and current.

The Freshmen Guide To University At Roehampton

Detailed thumbnails on what you need to know as a Fresher/freshman about Roehampton University