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New Terror Group Unveiled in Gaza; Hamas Denies

A new Palestinian terror group calling itself the Hizbullah Brigades in Palestine (HBP) issued a proclamation over the weekend saying it would soon begin operating in the Palestinian areas against the Israeli occupation.

U.S., France Anxious as Syria-Lebanon Tension Builds

A series of bombings in northern Lebanon and Damascus, followed by mutual accusations, are a matter of concern to world powers, including the United States and France.

‘Dramatic Increase in Arab Jerusalemites’ Terror Role’

Defense Minister Ehud Barak called for legal measures to immediately enforce the destruction of terrorists' houses, for future deterrence.

Tension Rises as Iran’s IRGC Navy Takes Charge of Gulf

The decision to officially hand over the Gulf to the IRGC is an indication of how it is becoming more important in Iran in general, said Chubin.