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Francois Verret is a young writer for NewsBlaze as well as a freelance translator. He is a lifelong geek and, it goes without saying, gamer.

Three Days to Go: A Look At Kickstarter

An overview of the Kickstarter phenomenon, some of its success stories, and a struggling project especially.

Does BioWare’s Missing Creativity Bode Well for Electronic Arts?

An early review of the next big entry to the MMORPG genre

Geeks Gone Wild During Bad Economy: Gadgets You May Not Know...

You may know a lot about gadgets, but, unless you have been actively researching the geek market, there are a few you may not know about.

The Emergence of Video Games

Video games have been around for a long time and it is probably not news to you, but this form of entertainment only recently took its place in the mainstream media.