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Michelle Tinkham is a vascular nurse with 15+ years experience. She holds a BS in Nursing, MS in Health Care Administration, and several healthcare related certifications.She has published articles in peer reviewed journals as well as presented at several national organizations.Contact her at [email protected]

Why are Americans So Unhappy? – And What to Do About...

Despite our country's freedom and prosperity, Americans are not happy and numbers are falling. Chronic unhappiness affects all areas of our lives resulting in overwhelming physical and emotional health issues

Are You Getting Medications in Your Drinking Water?

A report in 2008 by the Associated Press (AP) stated that 41 million unaware Americans have various trace amounts of pharmaceuticals, such as birth control pills, pain killers, and antibiotics in their drinking water due to the public flushing

How Harmful Is BPA Really?

Michelle Tinkham investigates BPA use, linked to diseases in rodents. Many scientists feel risks for humans include cancer, behavioral and reproductive problems.

California’s Drought Endangers Clean Supply of Water

The California drought is playing havoc on many residents including those dependent on groundwater for clean drinking water.

Music Can Calm Anxious Patients

Provides an overview of the various health benefits provided by music therapy.

Health Care Risks to West Virginia Residents Exposed to Recent Chemical...

Research into the potential health effects of the recent coal-washing chemical spill in West Virginia.