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Tanveer Jafri is an award-winning journalist and peace activist, based in India, covering communal harmony and social activities.

Lal Krishna Advani

These Tears are the Language of My Heart

While BJP plans to crown 82 year old Advani as Prime Minister, the party faces fragmentation, and younger politicians are coming forward, buoyed by the success of Obama in the US and Medvedev in Russia.
A Pak terrorist training camp

Pak’s Misunderstanding

This attack on the Indian Parliament shocked the pride of India. That time, too, Indian armies came out of their barracks and marched towards the boundary line.
Hotel Taj in Bombay

Global Attempt for Terror Relief

After the terrorists reached Bombay VT, now known as Chhaterpati Shivaji Terminal, which is the most famous and the busiest railway station in the world.
Al Qaeda chief

Al Qaeda: Muslim Friend or Foe

US president elect Barack Obama made it clear to Pakistan that Pakistan should not feel danger from India but from the inner terrorist powers.
Stop terrorism

Terrorists Religion

If they get any information regarding the asylum to the terrorists, they must make it common to security service & the public.
OBAMA relaxing

Can Obama Check Culture Clash?

These were the words from the speeches of Obama, newly elected president of United States of America that he expressed during his election campaign.
Prominent huma

Strong Possibility of Sarabjeet Singh Release

According to Sarabjeet Singh's lawyer in Pakistan, Mr. Abdul Hamid Rana, Sarabjeet has been brought out from death row. Now he is with other political prisoners.
Separetist party

Hypocrites and Separatists in India

To keep India united, there is great need to recognize such people so that India may not be fragmented.
A Muslim women demands Sunni Shia unity

World Peace and Shia-Sunni Unity

The terrorists activities happening around the world and the Muslims involvement in it compels a man to think if this terrorism is because of the Islamic teachings or not.
Peace appealing poster

Terrorism Opinion Sources Need a Hard Blow

The progress of the country lies in communal unity and communal harmony, not in ill will, hatred, fear and terrorism.
quran sharif

The Holy Quran Teachings & Teachers

The holy Quran has got the highest place among the Islam scriptures and at the same time it has become a great centre of criticism.
In srinagar valley Communal extremists having the holy quran in their hands

The Holy Quran: Doubts and Solutions

In the message for non-believers, there is nothing that orders cruelty or killing of non-believers. Cruel rulers were the cause of problems and today, terrorist leaders affront the teachings of the Quran.

India in the Grip of Terrorism

In this densely populated area, during the action at the morning, a suspect named Saif was arrested whereas two terrorists escaped.

Where the Attackers are Inspired

The suicide attacks have increased since Parvez Musharraf left the power politics of Pakistan. Just some time ago only in the three days, three big suicide attacks have shown their horror.
In srinagar valley Communal extremists having the holy quran in their hands

Do Not Tame The Poisonous Snakes in Kashmir

They had to leave their hereditary houses and now they are spending their lives as homeless people in other parts of India.
Author Tanveer Jafri on his way to holly Amarnath shrine A file photo

India: Responsible for Burning J&K?

Recently, for the first time in the history of independent India that there was a giant movement in the Jammu area of boundary state of Jammu & Kashmir in India.
After bomb blast an artist shows Indian unity by his art on fingers nail

India: Attack on Stable Communal Harmony

There should be an arrangement of keeping the name of the informer secret. Besides, the citizens of the country should learn alertness from the citizens of Surat. There
Indian Parliament inside view

Nuclear Deal and Indian Parliament

In the 543 member house the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) led by the Indian National congress got 275 votes whereas the trust vote was opposed by 256 members.
Ghauri of Pakistan A Nuclear cariar miscaile

Pak Nuclear Reactors and The Terrorists

It is natural to worry about the control of nuclear reactors situated in Pakistan, despite the Pakistan army saying that all Pakistani reactors are safe and under its complete control.
Sonia Gandhi.

India: Future of Congress & Sonia Gandhi

Indian National Congress is known as the oldest political party of India. This political party that has completed its 122 years was established in 1885.