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Matthew Stathis is a blogger and digital marketer who has been free of the nine-to-five rat race since 2010 when he built his first online business. He closely follows the advances in the area of health and technology and enjoys reporting on things we didn't know before. When he doesn't work on his businesses, chances are he is wearing a backpack traveling around the world.
eCommerce Coupons.

Giving Discounts to People Who Could Pay Full Price a Waste...

Last month, one story covered how consumers in the United Kingdom still prefer the traditional paper coupons used in offline shopping over the digital...
Jogging in nature

Regular Exercise Protects Against Depression

According to a recent study, a single hour of regular exercise can help people avoid depression. The intensity of the exercise is not even...
internet security

Computer Hacking Peaks In 2017, Symantec Responds With More Norton Discount...

In 2017 alone, more than 172 million consumers experienced some form of cyber crime. It may sound a light issue but the repercussions can...
pc parts

Computer Power Consumption Is Highest Ever – Tips To Reduce It

The energy consumption of a desktop computer depends on its internal structure. A PC with special graphic and sound cards, 5 or more memory...
Dried Plums help prevent colon cancer.

Dried Plums Act as a Prebiotic Food and Reduce Colon Cancer...

Cancer is a malignant disease that often leaves little hope for successful treatment. Recurrences are common, and most patients do not even survive the...