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Sandra Scott is a former radio and television news reporter and late-blooming writer.
peanut butter jelly sandwich

Peanut Butter Bigots!

The Left now considers food the new racism. Soon, there will be nothing left to eat - now that is a great way to fix obesity.

Demon Lurking in D.C.

Sandra Scott says Halloween has nothing on the scary doings in D.C. A master wordsmith, she says Abandon all hope ye who send the politicians here.

Reps Are Red, Dems Are Blue – A Little Poesy from...

Sandra Scott reflects on the government shutdown, asking her friends at the zoo about government waste and politicians who extravagantly waste public money.

Utah High School Football Coach Promotes Character Over Winning

The man is a study in moral courage and integrity. The man is a study in moral courage and integrity. He should be designated a national treasure for demonstrating what should be the norm in our culture rather than the exception.

The New Congressional Banner: Black Flag

A new poll enhances bugs' status.

Green Regs and Scam

When I say, 'Go, Green,' I'm cheering for the Michigan State Spartans.

The New Business Plan: Cash ‘n’ Carrion

Your next dining experience may need to include a HazMat team.

Really ‘Pet-ty’ Politics

Election year products can be pretty bizarre. Some of them don't make much sense, but shipping can be free?

‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’ of Shoes Revealed

Have you really looked at women's shoes today? What are the 'designers' thinking? The last time I went shoe shopping I came home totally frustrated.
gummy bear man

Real Men Don’t Eat Gummy Bears

Sandra Scott says Maintaining male health shouldn't be kid's stuff, certainly not gummies for men!
roman numerals

Why Are Copyrighted Dates on Movies and TV Shows Written in...

Couch potatoes need exceptional eyes for TV speed reading these days, more than ever before.