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A Champagne Tasting…Me and Blue Jeans… A Large Knife and a...

An entertaining account of a late night champagne tasting in Montreal.

What’s really in a Dumpling? Food, the Great Communicator

I can't imagine a medium better than food that conveys so much heart and soul and information about a person or a people in a single and deliberate act.

Scrambled Eggs Never Sounded So Good

So far, I've written about the perfect hard-boiled egg. Perfect so far as the at home cook doesn't take it to the next level of controlled cooking by cooking it sous vide.

Great Hard Boiled Eggs

A hook is a strong start with a punch that hits the reader right from the beginning and keeps them hooked and reading through the rest of the piece.

How to Properly Poach an Egg

A look at how to properly poach an egg with only hot water and an egg.

To Eat Deliberately

There isn't a day that goes by when I don't eat. I do it more than three times a day and if I go for long periods of time without food I suffer from physical and mental withdrawals.