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Sondra Hickman
Sondra Hickman is the author of Before Life Got Complicated (2006). Sondra was born in Tennessee, raised in South Carolina and lives in New York.

A Witness Remembers 9/11

The 9/11 five-year memorials have arrived. Its a day I will never forget and those of you who read here know I live in NYC and I was a witness and a volunteer at Ground Zero since I am a NY State Emergency Med. Tech

I Have Rights

That's what a smoker recently said on her blog. When you write a book or even an article the publisher wants to know what gives you the credentials to write this story... and I'll give that at the end.

Fast Food Giants Sending the Wrong Message

I wonder how many of you noticed the recent ads on TV from Burger King, and McDonalds? Burger King is advertising their Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich as the sandwich with an attitude.

The Man Who Changed the World

Fifty-nine years ago, on April 7, 1947 a man who changed the face of the planet died. At the age of eighty-three he left his legacy and his empire to his son.
opinions, ideas.

The Prize Defined

It was August 29, 2004 I got up early and took the train into the city. This is something I don't normally do on a day off. But this time I had to go.

Ground Zero Still Claiming Victims

How many people will the attack of 9/11 take in the end? How many families will be affected? The medical world is only touching the tip of the iceberg now...