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Shaun McGann lives in New Jersey and writes fiction, some of which can be read at bleak07.blogspot.com He also has a terrible addiction to American history and politics, which he often feels the need to comment on in late night typed out rants.

Confessions of a Semi-Unemployed Whachamacallit

Who would have thought the days of having a soul-sucking job would be a high-point? Searching for a job in these days can be frustrating and depressing, especially if you're not even sure what you're good at anymore.

Super Hero Movies on the Decline: Is Anyone Coming to Save...

I used to read comics when I was kid. Well, who am I kidding, I still read them now. Not so much comics I guess, they're graphic novels, collections of a comic series all there in a thick binding and beautiful, glossy pictures, unraveling a story.

The Rotting of The Core Four

Jorge Posada is the latest Yankee to butt heads with the front office but surely won't be the last as the 'Core Four' becomes a part of the Yankees past.

Escape From Facebook

I realize I'm already dating myself by saying 'Facebook' status instead of Twitter status, but, sorry, Facebook has had a strong year or two, and before I go recognizing some flash in the pan I'm going to need to see some kind of staying power.

Obama On the Defensive

'Things are getting pretty rough out there, especially if that idiot gets his bailout plan through, huh?' the lady chimed in as she took her first swipe with scissors.

Bush Administration: 2001-2009 Mission accomplished George Bush

There's been more and more talk as the economy tanks that 'dark days are here' and there will be 'tough times' ahead, as if two wars, a washed out American city, and 9/11 were the good old days.

Enemies Unite to Fight the Real Forces of Evil; the um,...

Barack Obama say's he's been reading Abraham Lincoln but it seems a little like he's been borrowing from some Super Hero cannon, teaming up with old rivals to face off against the growing financial crisis.

Early Signs of Election Withdrawal

The 2008 Election is actually finally ending, and I'm coming down with something, apparently it is premature election withdrawal and the realization that George Bush will soon be retired.

A Fried Palin/Brady Sandwich

A short rant about being completely burned out on television news and finding no solace in sports.