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Shashi P.B.B. Malla writes incisive political opinion about the politics and politicians of Nepal. He sometimes writes with fellow contributor, Chandra Bahadur Parbate.Educated in Darjeeling, India, with a certificate from Cambridge University, he went to College and university in Calcutta: I. Sc./St. Xavier's, B.A. (Hons.)/ Presidency, M.A. (International Relations)/Jadavpur, India. He was Assistant Editor: The Rising Nepal, Kathmandu.He is or was the Country Representative, DAV Summit Club, Munich (Germany's leading adventure tour operators in mountaineering and trekking)He is a Senior Lecturer, Conflict, Peace and Development Studies, Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu

The Party’s (Nearly) Over in Nepal – Collapse Imminent

This is not a self-fulfilling prophecy, but real-time possibility indicated by the antics of various would-be principal actors and the perceptions of several political pundits.

Political Dynasties, Democratic Values & National Sovereignty

The elevation of Sujata Koirala, the PM's daughter to cabinet rank in PM office, is a clear indication she is positioned to succeed her octogenarian father, who has serious health problems.

Dance of the Vampires

With no end to political turmoil in Nepal, the people who call themselves leaders, above all the infamous Gang of Eight (SPAM) are going about their business as if there is no care in the world.

Carter’s Colossal Delusions

In spite of a sizable presence of his Carter Center in Kathmandu and in the field, President Carter has essentially failed to grasp the seriousness of the situation.

The Maoist Surge

Nepal's current interim government has built up an astounding track record of messing things up and failing completely, utterly and entirely to deliver on their promises
Wise Monkeys. Photo c/o Shashi P.B.B. Malla

End of the Road for SPAM in Nepal

The deliberations on Sunday in the so-called interim parliament regarding the proclamation of a republic and the introduction of a proportional electoral system were a complete farce.
Nepal on the brink

Nepal On The Brink

The only nominally democratic party in the seven party alliance and the Maoists (affectionately referred to as SPAM), the Nepali Congress has finally succumbed to the demands of the Maoists

A Million Mutinies Now

The terrorist serial bombing in Kathmandu and the worsening law and order situation in the country, have highlighted the dire straits in which we find ourselves.

Nepal’s Lengthening Political Shadows

The current Nepali government syndicate of eight political parties is in deep political trouble. On the one hand this is due to their political legitimacy rapidly declining.

Nepal: Facing Reality

Nepal has always suffered from the elite's blinkered, close-up, stuck-up-in-the-moment vision. No distance, no history, no context, no hope.

Nepal: State of Despair

The state of the nation was summed up 'brilliantly', unwittingly, but paradoxically by the state organ 'The Rising Nepal' last Sunday: ' Terai life remains tense amidst gradually returning normalcy'!

At the Crossroads: Peoples’ Republics or Mother Nepal?

During their 11-year long so-called People's War, the Maoist terrorists had promoted the idea of 'ethnic republics' as part of their agitation for 'state restructuring'.
Yelling opinions.

B.P. Koirala’s Grand Vision: Democracy, Unity, Development

Very serious events last week brings to mind Bishweswar Prasad Koirala's landmark statement on his return from voluntary Indian exile.

Nepal: Model for Democracy, Development, Progress and Peace

There should be no doubt that Nepal is well on the way to being a model democracy in Asia. Since the Glorious Revolution/Jan Andolan II of April 2006, Nepal has indeed become a showcase
Opinions of people.

Attempted Anarchy to Resurrect People’s Movement 2046 BS

This road map is flawed at every stage and must be resisted at all costs, because it would definitely mean the death-knell of Nepal as an independent and sovereign state.

Furtherance of democracy and peace: The road ahead for Nepal

For the all-important parliamentary elections in Nepal, the question of creating a favourable atmosphere to ensure whole-hearted and maximum participation has to be discussed.
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Strategy and tactics of the Maoist Terror

Recently we have had the singularly great fortune of reading the words of wisdom of the two leading proponents of the Maoists' 'people's war' strategy and tactics in 'exclusive' interviews...

Seven Party-Maoist Front and Prospects for Peace, Democracy in Nepal

US Senator Patrick Leahy, who has absolutely no understanding of ground realities in Nepal, also welcomes the so-called return of the Maoists to the 'mainstream.'