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Susenjit Guha is a freelance writer based in Kolkata. Contact Susenjit at [email protected] or at NewsBlaze.

Lockerbie Bomber’s Release Could Set a Dangerous Precedent

The release of the Lockerbie bomber may lose its significanc ein the debates between religious ethics, compassion and economic compulsions, but it could signal the appeasement by democracies.

Why REO Sales are Sizzling Coast to Coast

REO sales are up an dthe investors have a never-before opportunity to make their day with cheap real estate

United States Wants Lightweight Role for India

How a diminishing role for India would be favorable for Obama to run his course as mollifying Pakistan and keeping China in good humor is more important.

Is Ethnicity a Threat to Chinese Society?

Chinese state power repeatedly tamps down on ethnic minorities and this time, it is the Uyghur Muslim minority. Is it the Chinese or communism that is at odds with traditional cultures and religions, or both?

US Policy on Kashmir Can Ratchet Up Anti-Americanism in India

What kind of talks did Under Secretary Nicholas Burns have in mind when he allegedly carried the US message to India that dialogue with Pakistan should resume once again?

China is a Threat to Global Good

Chinese aid and support to regimes known for effecting civilian casulaties is based solely on its neeed for resources to fuel its own economy.