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Reagan McGuire is a Northern Arizona Taxi Driver who will take you where you need to go, and he writes about his experiences.

Run Rabbit, Run, But Karma Will Get You In The End

A thief gets a rude awakening from life. Karma is an amazing thing, and it works for and against, but some people just don't get it.

Surprise, Surprise, A Daughter Deeply Wounds Her Parents

A sad story of love and pain, trust and deception, openness and betrayal, nurture and bewilderment. What is it can cause family to hurt family so badly?

No Reservations: Reflecting On Unlearning Life

A story about discovering the hidden beauty found driving around the Navajo Reservation in a place called 'The Painted Desert'. It is also about love and how it has the power to change someone forever.

Zen Taxi: A Lawyer On The Lam

Zen Taxi - Cab driver tells a true story about a man who has to hide from the Mexican Mafia.