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Bobby Ramakant is a CNS Policy Adviser who writes extensively on health and development, as it affects many countries throughout the world.

Translational Research For The Benefit Of Public Health

'Translational research involves converting a basic research idea into a product; then developing that product for industrial production and finding out if it is safe and efficacious; and finally using it to improve public health.

Coordinated Response for Control of STIs Lacking

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, are known to be primarily transmitted through sexual route which has created a major impact on sexual and reproductive health worldwide. They are caused by viruses, bacteria or parasitic microor

Call for no more new HIV infected children

According to UNAIDS Report 2013, an estimated 260,000 children below 18 years were newly infected with HIV in 2012 in low and middle income countries. While the first paediatric HIV case in India was recorded in 1987, in 2012 out of the 2,100,000 pe

Implications of Foreign Funds Received By Congress and BJP

Sandeep Pandey learns from a Delhi High Court judgement, that Congress and BJP have been illegally receiving donations from foreign companies.

Water Rights Group Call for End of Water Privatization

call for the World Bank to end its destructive promotion of water privatization under the guise of development. After a week of meetings, including high level events on water, no action has been taken to address the coalition's concerns.

Global Development Assistance for Health on The Rise

A new research done by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), at the University of Washington, indicates that globally the total development assistance for health (DAH) hit an all-time high of $31.3 billion in 2013

Smoking Increases Risk of Recurrent TB

Research published on 24 March 2014 provides critical new insight on the harmful links between smoking tobacco and developing tuberculosis (TB).

Patient-Centric Solution Vital to Eradicate TB Cases

Solution-centric approaches have shown promise in several other BoP contexts, from affordable eye care to artificial limbs.

Diabetic-Foot Related Lower Limb Amputations are Preventable

Nearly 25% of people with diabetes face diabetic foot related complications in their lifetime. 'People with diabetes can develop many different foot problems. Even ordinary problems can get worse and lead to serious complications. Foot problems mos

General Health Needs of LGBTI People Largely Ignored in Asia

The recently concluded 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (7th APCRSHR) in Manila saw some interesting discussions on protecting and advancing Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity (SOGI) rights and improving t

Is ‘Single Visit Approach’ Effective Strategy to Prevent Cervical Cancer?

Worldwide, a woman dies of cervical cancer every two minutes, taking the annual toll to 275,000. The disease is preventable, and yet the second largest killer of women in low and middle income countries, with most women dying in the prime of life.

The State Must Address The Rehabilitation of Muzaffarnagar Communal Violence

Rehabilitating communal violence survivors is State's responsibility, was echoed by the members of Socialist Party (India) in their procession and demonstration in UP state capital of Lucknow on 8th January 2014. Since permission was not granted to

India’s Gays And Lesbians Still Vulnerable to Harassment in India

On 11 December 2013, the streets outside the Supreme Court of India thronged with a dazed crowd, hugging, sobbing and not quite sure what had happened.

Co-Infections and HIV Beget Each Other

(This article is based upon a CNS interview with Professor (Dr) Dilip Mathai, Dean, Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research)

Adherence Medication Crucial to Success of Any Treatment Programme

To tackle any disease it is not merely only diagnosing correctly and offering quality treatment but ensuring that the patients adhere to treatment that is of paramount importance.
indian aids research

India Makes Significant Progress In Its Fight Against AIDS

The new mantra of 'zero new HIV infections, zero deaths and zero AIDS-related stigma and discrimination by 2015' is increasing decibels but Indian AIDS response is a complex matrix of challenges

Vietnam Promotes Methadone Treatment for Drug Users

Statistics by the HIV/AIDS Prevention Department of the Ministry of Health (MOH) of Vietnam shows that currently there are about 170,000 drug users in the listed record of the country.

Pneumonia Remains A Deadly Disease After Centuries of Knowledge

In 2011 an estimated It is estimated that in 2011 out of the 120 million children were ill with pneumonia and 1.3 million of them succumbed to the disease.

New Innovation Programme Helps Protect The Health and Rights of AIDS...

In India, this concern has been overcome by the cadre of link workers in Bihar who have managed to increase the number of referrals at testing centres by adopting inventive ways of convincing the vulnerable communities to access treatment.

New Technology Reduces Mortality Rate in Cardiovascular Surgeries

A young scientist was awarded the third prize at Falling Walls 2013 for her research aimed to reduce mortality and complication rate in surgical procedures to treat cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).