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Child Brides Adorned With Beads Become Outcasts in Kenya

A Samburu woman in traditional attire, decked with stunning red bead necklaces, is perhaps one of the most well known images of tourism in Kenya.

Female Coffee Farmers in Kenya Face Rough Treatment for the Bitter...

The next time you take a sip of freshly-brewed Arabica coffee at a cafe near you, do spare a thought for the women who toil away in farms in faraway Kenya to make sure that you get to enjoy the aromatic brew.

Kenyan Slum Girls Root For Germany

As the customers thin out a little, I ask the youngster whether she is a football fan like other Kenyan youngsters glued to their TV sets soaking in the FIFA World Cup action.

Kenya: No Sex! First Set The Country Right

This may have had something to do with the fact that her political message was singularly focused on women's empowerment in an environment that genuflects to patriarchal ways.

Kenya: Deathbeds for Expectant Women

Despite a waiver in maternity fees in public health institutions in Kenya, expectant women prefer not to opt for free institutional deliveries.

Kenya’s Cycle of Birth And Death

For women who go ahead with a pregnancy out of their free will or because of the absence of safe abortion facilities, there is an even greater threat at the end of the road.