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Roy Morrison is Director of the Office for Sustainability at Southern New Hampshire University. Contact Roy at NewsBlaze.

Solar Energy Threatens Profits of Old Time Utilities, Not The Poor

Meanwhile, at Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E),is helping meet California's goal to slash greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2030 and grow the economy. PG&E is aggressively supporting PV and other renewables, energy efficiency, and making huge in

A Global Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Roy Morrison says it's not rocket science to require replacement of polluting coal plants, with non-polluting energy, or to put polluters out of business.

How World Can Reverse The Pell Mell Race Toward Global Climate...

Despite the apparent paralysis of politicians to deal with the clear and present danger, there are reasons for optimism. It's darkest before the dawn. And a new dawn is coming. And it's not all unpleasant, except for the most inveterate polluters.

Saving Homes and Free Markets: A Simple Proposal

The Obama administration and Republicans have housing blood on their hands. Obama was silent as Democrats and Republicans in 2009 defeated Senator Durbin's bankruptcy reform bill that would have stopped the foreclosure tidal wave.