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Mina Fabulous follows the news, especially what is going on in the US State Department. Mina turns State Department waffle into plain English. Mina Fabulous is the pen name of Carmen Avalino, the NewsBlaze production editor. When she isn’t preparing stories for NewsBlaze writers, she writes stories, but to separate her editing and writing identities, she uses the name given by her family and friends.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks about US-China relations.

US Committed Toward Positive and Cooperative Relations with China

Stable China-U.S Relationship More Important Than Ever With competing interests and differences between the United States of America and China, US Secretary of State Hillary...
President Barack Obama at the White House.

Obama Makes Development a Core Pillar of America’s Foreign Policy

New Global Development Policy the First in American History Committed to make development a core pillar of America's foreign policy, President Barack Obama signed a...

Hastings Entertainment, Inc. Announces Stock Repurchase

Multimedia entertainment retailer, Hastings Entertainment, says its Board of Directors authorized a $10.0 million stock repurchase program. The Company previously announced stock repurchase programs...
The blue Blizzardmobile.

Dairy Queen Blizzardmobile Hits the Road on its 25th Birthday

Dairy Queen Launches its Blizzardmobile The all-time fave Dairy Queen Blizzard will celebrate its 25th birthday by launching its custom-designed Blizzardmobile that will tour around...
screenshot space

Magnetosphere Keeps Astronauts Safe from Radiation on Moon Missions

Good News for Astronauts Astronauts may not worry about radiation on future moon missions. Why? Because new research reveals that Earth's magnetosphere can protect some...
Claes Nobel.

Claes Nobel, Nobel Prize Family, Presents Scholarship To Kansas Student Kimberly...

Claes Nobel, the most senior member of the Nobel Prize family is to award a National Scholar Award college scholarship to Kimberly Brinker, a...