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Prairie Miller is a New York multimedia journalist online, in print and radio, who reviews movies and conducts in-depth interviews. She can also be heard on WBAI/Pacifica National Radio Network’s Arts Express.

La Vie En Rose: A Soulfully Disarming Edith Piaf

In today's world, there's the phenomenon of American Idol that catapulted Jennifer Hudson from obscurity and humble origins into a speedy rise to stardom and mass adulation.

Cate Blanchett’s Workaholic Queen Liz Too Busy For Boy Toys

The big question that arises when it comes to this sequel is that with such a flawless gem as the 1998 Elizabeth, can a follow-up match the excellence of the original.

The Martian Child Movie Review: John Cusack Spaces Out On Screen

Just in case you're looking around right now for a suitable children's movie to share with the family, Martian Child might not be such a great idea.

Prairie Miller Up Close and Personal with Miss Navajo

The Navajo Nation is the largest tribe in this country, that is, of what remains of the surviving oppressed indigenous peoples subjected to historical ethnic cleansings and genocide.

The Darjeeling Limited Movie Review

Storytelling conventions also take a tumble, with Anderson conceding to narrative whims as the cinematic journey from NYC to bucolic India breezes along.

American Gangster Review

Ridley Scott masterfully anchors the tense proceedings from the starting gate, as to lower depths inner city mood, toxic atmosphere and turbulent historical moment.
Jesse James

Brad Pitt Struts His Bad Boy Outlaw Stuff With Guns Blazing

With this Wild West version of urban street creed not so easy to come by, wannabe frontier American Idol Bob decides to try out government mercenary for size as an alternative.

Hostel: Part II, Fright Junkie Self-Fulfillment Of Sexual Fears And Fantasies

Heather Matarazzo is virginal geek Lorna who sleeps with a stuffed rabbit, while party girl Whitney (Bijou Phillips) prefers animal tendencies in bed of sexy male humans instead.
Russell Crowe

American Gangster, The Russell Crowe Interview

Crowe was as mellow and laid back as can be for this interview, even when managing to chew gum and balance his gabby three year old son Charlie on his knee at the same time.

American Gangster: The Denzel Washington Interview

What's happening with him? He's not gettin' on the field! So what's happening with the Rams, is the question! Nah, he's still with the Rams. He's on the practice squad.

The Joaquin Phoenix Interview: Sassy, and Temperamental

There's a strange rumor going around that you're also listed as the producer of We Own The Night, but that all you did in that capacity was gripe about why your scenes had been cut.

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead Review

The title of the film is taken from a traditional Irish drinking toast, 'May you be in heaven half an hour, before the devil knows you're dead.'

30 Days of Night Review

Possibly biting off more than he can chew, Hard Candy indie director David Slade moves on from pedophile revenge fantasy to this Alaskan blood feast.

Jennifer Lopez Plays It Tough and Down and Dirty, on The...

Juarez in particular, where the film takes place, is home to nearly a thousand of these maquiladores, as explained in a prologue to Bordertown.
Lost in fire

Things We Lost in The Fire: Halle Berry Interview

Halle opened up about these matters and more to the Long Island Press, including squeemishness regarding any tell-alls about her personal life on Oprah and elsewhere.