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The Media Line is an American non-profit news agency created to address the need for complete, contextual and nuanced reporting from the Middle East. Seasoned journalists provided NewsBlaze with news of events in the region, from the streets of Ramallah, Sana’a, Jerusalem, Tripoli and other cities of the Middle East, giving voice to all narratives.The Media Line provides content for government agencies and important media outlets around the world, while remaining beholden to neither.

Jordan Opens World’s Largest Special Ops Training Camp

The center will also host an annual Warrior Competition for special operations units from all over the world in a contest which will include events such as marksmanship and an obstacle course.

World’s 50 Richest Arabs Lose $25bn in 2008

The world's 50 richest Arabs have lost 12 percent of their combined fortune this year, as a result of the international economic crisis, the business portal Arabian Business revealed.

Tension in Sudan as Army Deploys Near Southern Region

Officials in Khartoum claimed JEM planned an attack in Darfur and South Kurdufan in order to strengthen its position in future peace talks, the Sudan Tribune indicated.

Palestinian NGO to Sue Britain for Balfour Declaration

Ninety-one years after Britain's Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour issued a declaration, calling for the establishment of a 'national home for the Jewish people' in Palestine, a Palestinian non-governmental organization plans to sue Britain.

Kuwait Sends Ambassador to Baghdad

Kuwait has sent its first ambassador to Iraq in 18 years, a sign of improving diplomatic ties between Iraq and its Arab neighbors.

Hariri, Na’srallah May Meet to Move on Lebanese Reconciliation

Leaders of Lebanon's two most influential parties may soon meet in an attempt to resolve the paralyzing internal political conflict in Lebanon.

First Christian Militia in Iraq

The militia guards are placed at the entrances to the village and also conduct patrols throughout the village, especially around the St George Church in the center.
Iran Finally Feels Heat of Trump Sanctions

Mullahs Accuse US of Destabilizing Iran via Terror Group

Tehran believes the United States is using a terror organization to destabilize the Iranian regime, an official in the Iranian province that borders Pakistan...