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Dr. Thomas A. Marks is a political risk consultant based in Honolulu, Hawaii and a frequent visitor to Nepal. He has authored a number of benchmark works on Maoist insurgency.

Nepal: From Maoism to Fascism in the Himalayas?

It is October replete with irony. The most definitive treatment to date on Mao Tse-tung's final crime against humanity, his 'Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution,' is out to solid reviews.

An Analysis of Photos of Nepali Maoist Weapons – September 14,...

As the Maoists emphasize 'Political Warfare', relying upon menace, extortion, and criminal activity in their effort to induce a nervous breakdown in an already dysfunctional system, their combatant forces train and flaunt their weapons.

SPAM, India and Untangled Nepal

Even as I write, events in Nepal unfold as if a Broadway play - nary a miscue from the script passed out months ago in the Nepalese media.