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Dr. Ravindra Kumar is an eminent writer, Indologist, political scientist and a former vice chancellor of Meerut University, India, who authored and edited over 100 works on great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and on various social-cultural issues.

‘Equal’ and ‘Equality’ are Not Meaningless

Despite being the subject of refinement and analysis in prevailing circumstances of space, they are important. In this regard the following two things are of the utmost importance:

Similarity Among Teachings of Religions

This being an essential condition of humankind, embracing it becomes the foremost duty of human being. That is the reason why duty also becomes connected to Dharma [religion]. Dharma

Happy Birthday Gandhi: India and Universalism

India is a country committed to internationalism or universalism. This commitment is thousands of years old and can be well acknowledged and understood through India's ancient slogan of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'.

India’s Unity: Democracy and Minorities

India is a country of diversities. Her population is basically made up of descendants of six ethnic groups. It doesn't matter if all of them are of Indian origin or not.

Guru Gobind Singh, Khalsa and Indian Nationalism

Guru Gobind Singh was a nationalist among the nationalists. He not only adopted the national culture in its purest form, but also worked to protect it.
opinions, ideas.

India, Its Concept of Peace and Gandhi

A tribute to Gandhi on the 61st anniversary of his death.

China Must Develop More Cordial Relations With India

India and China are two great nations of the Asian continent. Both impact each other over events big and small that occur in any part of the continent.

It is a Time for Patience and Action

India is a great country. Among its inhabitants are people belonging to different races, religious communities, sects and faiths.

Jainism, Tirthankaras and the Indian Way

Any such attempt will be inappropriate; it will not be justifiable. Moreover, such an attempt will penetrate the wide scope of the Indian Way itself.

Why I am Proud of Being an Indian!

It is evident that forbearance, tolerance and universal acceptance, along with Ahimsa, are the parts and parcels of the lives of the Indians.

On the Occasion of Sardar Patel’s Birth Anniversary

He accepted Gandhiji as his political preceptor and leader in 1918 on the eve of launch of the Kisan Satyagraha in the Kaira district of Gujarat.

Need to Apply Gandhism in Prevailing Circumstances

Dr. Ravindra Kumar was speaking as the Chief Guest in a debate organized on the eve of Gandhi's 140th birth anniversary by KMC College of Nursing, Meerut (U.P.), India, on Gandhism and Terrorism.

India, Gandhi and Relevance of his Ideas in the New World

For their ideas and adaptable practices after passing of hundreds of years, they are still ideal teachers for all-general and particulars.

India’s Concept of Non-Violence and Gandhi

India is a great country. Its greatness is not in name only. India is an ancient civilization; its harmonious and composite culture is thousands of years old.

Sadhana: The Means of Spirituality and Ahimsa

Vishwamitra felt ashamed thinking that he had come to kill such a great soul who had noble ideas for him. Throwing his sword away, he went before him and saluted him with all reverence.

Gandhi: Freedom and Democracy

But the common good can be certain when everyone is aware of his or her responsibilities, is disciplined and dedicated to the moral and ethical values.

Problems before Society, Nation and Obligation of Intelligentsia

It is unfortunate that 40% of the people have failed to reach up to this minimum income level in our country. That evidently proves them to be below poverty line.

Indian Culture and Social Life

How it is still in its original form before us? And what are the lessons that Indian social life has taught to the human world which are important and worth adopting?

Cultural and Economic Relations between India and China

The characteristic of harmony that Indian and Chinese Cultures achieved thousand of years ago made a great impact on the other countries of the world.

Welcoming Chinese Step in Current Tibet Crisis

In the same manner the Dalai Lama's positive response to the invitation and sending his two representatives to Beijing for the purpose is also a welcoming step.