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Khurram Aziz is a web entrepreneur who trained as a journalist. He is a freelance writer, runs online ventures, and consults on WordPress and Magento web development.

Top 5 US TV Shows You Should Be Watching

With the fall season in full swing, here's the pick of the hottest shows currently on TV

Top US Cities To Find Finance Jobs

Despite the current economic climate, there are plenty of options available, depending greatly on the type of finance job you are looking for and where you want to live.

Rogers Making Home Feel Closer While You’re Away

Smart home monitoring from a Canadian cable company allows you to stay connected with your home no matter where you are

Will Skype Save 3D?

On its 10th anniversary, Skype reveals that its developing 3D video calling - can it revive a flagging sector?
gold teeth smile

Selling Dental Gold: Your Million Dollar Smile

Why those who invested in gold teeth are cashing in on the fashion faux pas today.
first firefox phone

ZTE Open: Is the Firefox Smartphone An Android Beater?

This week, Chinese smartphone maker ZTE announced the release of the first ever Firefox OS handset for the US and UK markets. Can it compete with Android?

How Grand Rapids SEO Agencies Transform Local Digital Marketing for Startups

Why local SEO can be a much better option for many startups to boost their internet marketing efforts

The Power of Mentors: How To Use Mentors to Achieve Business...

Those seeking a way to get ahead in business will do themselves a great service by seeking out mentors. This isn't always easy, especially for those new to the game.