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Brandon Craig Jones writes and performs stand-up comedy and is a musician and entertainment writer.

Interview With Brandon Jones on Writing

Brandon Jones chats with himself about writing, grammar and other unfunny stuff, but makes his insanity for writing as funny as parallel parking a bumper car.

Channel Lounge Music Review

Channel Lounge acts as the midwife to the birth of a new sound that's gonna shake things up like an Etch-a-Sketch that no one saw coming, says Brandon Diddy Jones.

Torres vs. Zombies Review

Podcast about zombie survival hosted by Alfredo Torres, written by fan and friend of the show, Mr.J

41 Reasons to Read ’41’ By Bob Frantz

'[...My new comic book] '41' is about a team of mercenaries hired to find a researcher/scientist. The setting is 41 years after an apocalyptic event', says Bob Frantz, 96x radio personality and creator/writer of '41'.

Meet Mr.J’s Murder Mystery and Amphigory Almanac

Meet Mr. J, a mouth-breathing-barbaric-lousy-writer so self involved that he failed Astronomy 101 because he literally thought the world revolved around him.

Exult Librarians and Bibliophiles! Excerpt from Amphigory Almanac

The following is a showcase excerpt from the newly released book, 'Amphigory Almanac' available on Amazon.com

Matisyahu Wins Gold Medal for World Peace 2010

The motif of world peace in Matisyahu's music and how NBC's use of his billboard topper as the soundtrack to 2010 Winter Olympics exasperated that motif.