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Jason Price writes about business, travel and culture, after spening nearly 20 years working in management consulting, living in 3 countries and working in 13.

Is Social Media Making Mankind ‘Anti-Social’?

The use of Social Media is on a major upswing across the globe. Many people use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to keep in touch, self promote and to be 'social'.

Rolling Rockers, Sleeper Agent Release New ‘About Last Night’ Album

Alt rock band Sleeper Agent hit the music scene in 2011 with their album 'Celebrasion'. Their latest LP, 'About Last Night' was released in March 2014 - let's have a listen.

Is The World Becoming a Selfie Centered Society?

Over the past 20 years our world has evolved to a point where nearly everyone in developed countries are connected to the web.

Would You Eat a Three Eyed Cow?

The GMO vs. Non-GMO battle is continuing to heat up as evidenced by multiple measures on state ballots this past fall to label GMO foods. Millions of dollars have been spent for and against labeling - but why?