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Womens Feature Service covers developmental, political, social and economic issues in India and around the globe. To get these articles for your publication, contact WFS at the www.wfsnews.org website.

TB Is Still A Killer

Pallavi Sharma (name changed) looked out of the window of her New Delhi business school hostel room at the vast spaces of green below. She loved the view.

Cinema for Justice: Maina’s Story Should Shock Nepal

'I grieved when they killed my daughter,' Devi says, wiping tears, which come fast and furious, but now...

Toy Power: When Earning Becomes Child’s Play

ITMT is a government-supported registered society that runs training courses in toy manufacturing and toy business for the unemployed women from the Northeast.
Char 10

India: Widows – The World’s Forgotten Women

The quotation below is a voice from the past, taken from a set of essays written in 1910 by the inmates at the Widows'...

Wombs On Hire: Searching For the Right Law

In an age of science and globalisation, surrogacy should be seen as an opportunity to question patriarchal conceptions of the family and social perceptions of infertility, not deepen ties of blood and inequality.

An Assault on Justice: Rape Kits Go Unexamined

California is at the forefront of a continuing scandal, as Justice Department funds allocated to states to clean up their backlogs are being cut in the face of unacceptably slow responses among local lawmakers.

Two Years On: Are Women Staying Alive?

Public opposition to the PWDVA only points to the urgent need for a change of mindset. Society must take ownership of this Act and deploy it to address the unacceptable and rampant crime of domestic violence.

India: Scrolling Through Life

The scrolls, or 'patchitra', are part of a 1,000-year-old traditional art form involving story-telling through scroll ('pata') paintings ('chitra').

India: Water Purifiers: How Women Fight Arsenic Contamination

Sahidun Bewa, 30, toils hard, making one arsenic filter after another with fine-tuned precision at Bara Andulia village in Nadia district, West Bengal.

Women Are The Key To Millennium Development Goals

Gender inequality in every domain of life is setting back the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

India: What’s in a (Sur)name Ask Dalits

Rajani Gajbhiye, 24, Ramteke's colleague, agrees. She recalls how she had never felt the caste bias until, one day she went to interview women in 'bastis' (slums) for her dissertation on Self Help Groups.

India: May the ‘Project’ be With You

'At Toelung prison, we had to write a weekly report. Once, a nun was put into the punishment cell just because her writings were defiant.

India: Water-Proofing Lives in the Time of Floods

Each year, the floods in West and East Midnapore districts of West Bengal affect around 7,000 villages and hundreds of thousands of villagers.

Uganda: Children in a Traffickers’ Paradise

Problems resulting from the political marginalisation of northern Uganda led to the creation of the Lords Resistance Movement (LRM), a rebel self-proclaimed Christian guerrilla army.

Canada: Bad Jobs and Biases: Canada’s Asian Students Feel Left Out

Linda Qi's hair is longer where it frames her face. When required it falls like a curtain around her face, hiding her facial reactions.