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Daniel Gilbert is a conservative politician and conservative political commentator, who graduated in 1969 from Virginia Tech with a BS in Civil Engineering. Born 1946 in Winston-Salem, NC, married with two grown children, a daughter and son, 4 grandsons and 2 granddaughters, businessman, member of Biltmore Baptist Church, Asheville, NC, dad owned a small trucking company-passed away 2002, Mom worked as a cafeteria worker-passed away 1989, Eagle Scout, grew up on a farm in rural North Carolina, worked hard and long in the hot and the cold. Milked cows, slopped hogs, fed chickens, etc, graduated in 1969 from Virginia Tech with a BS in Civil Engineering, Army ROTC commission Stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, Fort Jackson, SC and Vietnam, Black Mountain Center Human Rights Advocacy Committee.
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Where was the US When Benazir Bhutto Needed Us?

With International Support, Could Bhutto have tamed Radical Islam and brought the Faith into the 21st Century?

Top Republicans Win Big! First RINO Awards for Christmas!

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who received the special recognition of Most Likely to Get a $400 Haircut (21 percent), was viewed by voters as more progressive than conservative.

Bush’s Surrender Plan

Although President Bush has consistently opposed surrender in Iraq, the administration's policies have all but waved the white flag regarding our national sovereignty and security.
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Kucinich Gives Aid and Comfort to the Enemy, Should be Disqualified

Presidential Candidate, Daniel Gilbert invokes the 14th amendment, calling for the disqualification of Representative Kucinich from serving in Congress, for the reason of giving aid and comfort to enemy
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More US Sovereignty LOST to the UN, Law of Sea Treaty

Should the United States Senate ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty, the UN would control the earth's oceans and the US would turn its sovereignty over to an inept organization bent on diminishing our power.

Top Republicans to Receive RINO Awards

These core conservative issues are what separate the elephant from the rhino; that is, true Conservatives from liberal Republicans.