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Vincent Fox, researcher and editor of www.ice-planet.tv, compiled a series of bloggerviews entitled Film 101 with….. Vincent lives in Northern Ireland with his wife, three children and cat.

Film 101 with Eric Forsberg

He writes (plays, movie scripts, poetry, autobiography (his personal journal is over 200 volumes and growing), directs, sings, acts, teaches and does make-up.
Amelia Tyler

Film 101 with ….Amelia Tyler

Described by directors as having 'a sense of dedication bordering on obsessive' yet being 'more fun than a frog on a trampoline', Amelia attributes her move into the 'acting life' to her mother.
Opinions of people.

Beavers, Politicians and Whales

Some of the biggest stories hidden under ash clouds and elections

Film 101 with…. Mike West

Mike West is the driving force behind Canada's independent film company 'Roadrage Films'; described as 'an independent production company focusing on making top quality movies with little to no budget.'

The Art of Conversation, RIP

In northern Ireland we can have four seasons in one day; perhaps this is why people over here talk about the weather so much. But in reality, the only difference between summer and winter is that in winter, the rain is a few degrees colder.

The Future of Entertainment

TV is not what it used to be. Arguments about repeats and originality aside, for the past decade or so, the world wide web has been quietly working away in the sidelines taking over the helm as the unsung and unofficial captain of the airwaves.

Sci-Fi Soul Searching

I have always been a fan of science fiction, ever since I sat down as a small child in front of the TV watching Star Trek and Thunderbirds. The 70's brought the phenominum that was Star Wars and the 80's didn't disappoint either.

Film 101 With David Winning

Leading figures in film and tv provide information and advice to up and coming film makers.