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Jon Rutledge is a movie fan, who loves to learn something from every movie he sees. The good ones teach you what to do, and the bad ones teach you what not to do.

Total Recall is a Total Rehash

Total Recall is an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick short story 'We Can Remember It For You Wholesale' about a man going to a place where they can implant memories.

Don’t Watch… The Watch

The main problem was that the trailer takes all of the wind out of the funny parts of the movie. I appreciated some aspects of the movie but overall it's not worth the time it takes to get to them.

‘Total Recall’ Comes to Theaters August 3

Live Out A Fantasy Life And Enter To Win One Of Nine Fantasy Prize Packages In The 'Welcome To Rekall' Sweepstakes

‘Brave’ Movie Review

A girl changes her fate but realizes that her choice has consequences.

‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ Movie Review

People need to make 'Time' for this movie.

Fat Samurai Review of Snow White and the Huntsman

Grimm's fairy tale comes to life, with stunning cinematography and great execution, mixing personal faith within a fantasy world.

Highly-Anticipated Iron Man 3 Begins Production

Filming starts on Iron Man 3 and a quick look back at the work of this studio.

‘Finding Nemo’ Dives Back in Theaters in 3D and Holiday Blu-Ray...

'Sea' It in Theaters for The First Time Ever in Breathtaking Digital 3d and Own It for The First Time Ever on Blu-Ray & Blu-Ray 3D

Movie Review for U.N. Me

U.N. Me is a documentary on the ugly bureaucratic machine known as the United Nations. This film shows how lost it is from the original charter.

Avengers Assemble… in Space

Marvel Studios is working with NASA to transmit a special screening of Marvel's The Avengers to the International Space Station.

‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’ a Light Hearted Film With a...

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a movie that brings three people together to work on an impossible dream. They find that it's merely improbable but quite possible. They struggle upstream in life to discover things they never knew about themselves.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Released On Blu-ray

Review of the movie relesed to DVD and Blu-ray, by Jon Rutledge.