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Boris Dzhingarov graduated UNWE with a major in marketing. He is the founder of ESBO ltd a brand mentioning company.  He is also passionate about meditation and healthy living. You can find articles on such topics at his spiritual blog Dzhingarov.com.

ppc marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing: How it Works

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a hugely popular and still widely used method of getting a website indexed and ranked on Google, second to search...
children vulnerable to dog bites.

Young Children Most Vulnerable to Dog Bites According to Reuters Health

Every year, many thousands of children are treated across the United States for the effects of dog bites. Infants and toddlers aged two years...
self driving car

Attacks on Self-Driving Cars on the Rise

The number of self-driving cars on the road will doubtless increase year upon year, changing the way we drive and the face of transport...
cannabis industry report- Arcview press release.

Researchers Learn Cannabinoids Have Many Health Benefits

Once upon a time, what is now deemed to be a "healing" plant was formerly described as a "gateway drug." Despite this, the smoke...
bad credit loans.

What To Know About Borrowing Bad Credit Loans

Far too many people believe that a poor credit score means that they will not qualify for any kind of loan. This impression generally...
motorcycle in desert

Motorcycle Accidents on the Rise But Not All Are At-Fault

The latest statistics released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) are from 2015, but at that time motorcycle accidents were on the...
Spero Academy: the Art and Science of Creative Visualization in the Classroom.

Spero Academy on the Art and Science of Creative Visualization in...

As one of the most innovative K-6 charter schools in the nation, Spero Academy was founded on the tenet that every child deserves the...
older workers more prone to fatal workplace accidents.

Older Workers More Prone to Fatal Workplace Accidents, Study Says

Research published by the Associated Press analyzing federal statistics indicates that the elderly die on the job at a much higher rate than the...
truck accident

The Most Common Injuries Caused by Truck Accidents

Truck accidents seem to be on the increase in the United States, with the United States Department of Transportation seeing an 8% increase in...
identifying the right attorney.

Identifying the Right Attorney for a Legal Matter

We all hope we never have a reason to set foot inside a courtroom. Unfortunately it is often beyond our control when we find...
canadian flag.

Four Signs of a Good Immigration Lawyer

Canada is one of the world's safest and most advanced nations, with a dynamic economy, excellent business and educational opportunities, and national health care...
anti aging trends.

Trends That Affected the Anti-Aging Business in 2017

The anti-aging business is ever-evolving and changing to meet new demands. New technologies have been introduced, both with non-intrusive and surgical fields, which is...
yellow cabs in new york.

Three Magical Things to Do In New York This Winter

There is nothing like New York in the winter. This amazing world city plays host to many different holiday celebrations. The city has lots...
Pure Moving shows other moving companies how to do their job.

Pure Moving Shows Other Moving Companies How To Do Their Job

There is no shortage of moving companies around the USA, but the truth is that most of them are horrible. Each year, many start...
Researching information. Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The Quality Of Research Materials Matters For Quality Products

The science lab might be a tiny portion of a business, but getting accurate research results is beyond critical. Whether the lab performs quality...
new york - the big apple

Three Things You Should Do While Visiting the Big Apple

One of the greatest cities on earth is the Big Apple. New York is the city that never sleeps so there is always something...

Zimbabwe To Continue Diamond Mining After Environmental Impact Assessment

The Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) has been given the official go ahead it needs in order to resume its diamond mining activities. The...
windshield wipers.

Saving Serious Money On Future Car Repairs

Owning a car automatically means that eventually you will need to pay for repairs. Reducing how much you are going to have to pay...
ebay: first of the top 20 auction websites online

The Top 20 Auction Websites Online

Online auction sites have been offering ways to buy and sell physical goods since the late 1990s when the internet first saw non-academic users...

4 Reasons Why Improving Results for SEO in Singapore Matters

For businesses in Singapore, getting to the top of the search results in Google Singapore is an important step to increased business. Better ranking...