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Christopher Vietorisz was born in Canada, traveled and lived in many parts of the world, including Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia. His works are influenced by his travels, personal, self-directed learning in multiple disciplines, and his formal education.

The Ethical Disconnect of Retailers and Shoppers

A look at the ethical disconnect in the minds of retailers and shoppers as to the ethical impacts of the products they produce and purchase, and a solution proposed to remedy the disconnect.
i dont like it

Facebook, Google, and The Prevalance of Modern Day Slavery

A look at Facebook's and Google's potential culpability for slavery worldwide due to not having 'dislike' or '-1' buttons.

Why Doesn’t Facebook Have a ‘Dislike’ Button?

A look at the effect of our tendency to ignore the positive aspects of matters of concern, and a call to spread awareness of a petition to Facebook, Google, and others to allow us the right to 'dislike' and '-1' matters of concern to us.

Trend Towards New Movement in Anti-Establishment Art

A look at what might be a new trend in anti-establishment, ethics-focused art, and the potentially positive effects thereof. Is society itself becoming a post-modernist's art gallery?

Crowd Wisdom and Sustainability

This is a first part or introduction of a column of articles that will follow the author through day-to-day happenstance interacting with companies, products, and policy.