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In the series “Postcards from Israel,” Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel’s on the ground, Zager’s counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related – the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts – and so is this “point – counter-point” presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.

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Israel One of Most Profitable Routes for Many Airlines

When El Al ambassadors come to your neighborhood, make time to meet them. Listen to their stories, told in just a few minutes, and stay to ask questions. You will discover the real Israel
Letter to Flytilla II Activists

To All Whom Israel is in Their Hearts

At the eve of the last day of the Jewish Passover Holiday, Norma Zager and I sent out our latest Postcard 'Comes a Judgment Day' or 'I am a Giant Failure.'
Haifa, Israel. Image by Svetlana Klaise from Pixabay

Is Internal Division Tearing Down The Pro-Israel Community?

It is fascinating to me that the same phenomenon is also happening locally: The Jewish Federation of Greater LA is dealing with a newcomer who, in a very short period of time, has gained amazing acceptance.
Haifa, Israel. Image by Svetlana Klaise from Pixabay

Israeli Takes Iranian Threat Seriously

The world thinks-along with Israel-that Israel's power is superior to Iran's. Most are convinced - and thus expect - Israel will attack Iran and prevail.
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Philanthropists’ Efforts Help Ensure Israel’s Survival

We were transported to a world of spies and espionage, secret service and very special units. Except, this was reality and Steve was in the middle of this high-action movie. He sent 'care packages,' sometimes airplanes full of special equipment fo
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Guardian Angels During The Holiday Season

I was sitting on a chair at Cedars, an IV sticking into my hand, a tray next to me with big bottles of medication to drink. Nurses were bringing in other patients, each waiting for another exam.
Haifa, Israel. Image by Svetlana Klaise from Pixabay

Is Israel Doomed to Fall?

Bad times would come, but we will deal with them on as needed, was a prevailing attitude. Why else did Israel ignore the buildup in Southern Lebanon? All indications of an eminent war were there, all stupidly ignored.
Homeless LA 2

True, Unconditional Love – An Amazing Creation of God

Others seated on a bench at a bus stop or sleeping in the street, in the cold or the heat, with constant noise of passing cars and stares of passersby.
Haifa, Israel. Image by Svetlana Klaise from Pixabay

Israel Salutes Canada for Standing for The Jews

I salute you Canada, and I salute the People of Canada. You show leadership in the face of adversity. You exemplify what taking a stand and doing right, even though unpopular is all about.

Does Israel Treat Terrorists in Its Prisons as Special Guests?

I am astonished of the lack of action by Israel, not an all out war but targeted assassinations of every person who heads or is associated with Hamas. We give them carte blanche and they abuse it to the limit.

Israel Awaits Return of ‘Gilad Shalit’

The euphoria is mixed with so much sadness, that one stops in one's tracks not knowing whether to cry for joy that one person is being returned (hopefully alive and not in body parts as was the case with Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev of blessed m

Israel is Self-Described ‘Nation of The Book’

Israelis are curious people, and reading is sharing in someone else's life or experiences, journeying along with another in his or her imagination or just peeking in, sneaking a look and observing. Thus, although books are not inexpensive (on avera

Are We Ignoring The Threats Around Us?

Resounding silence. Astonishment. Bewilderment. We are frozen in a very bad dream that becomes worse with every passing image. Trapped.
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Only a Fool Might Doubt Israel: The Jewish People Will Survive!

Mistake not Israel's appearance of weakness and the impression of the strength of her enemies. This is mere illusion, a mirage meant to confuse and weaken us.

Does Israel Lack The Resolve to Survive?

The way to treat such pitfalls is to trim down the system and make people accountable. This so rarely happens that when we encounter an exception, it raises our spirits.
Israelis at the wailing wall. Image by Aleks Megen from Pixabay

When Will Israel Stop Facilitating Her Own Downfall?

Rather than bringing a Picasso, possibly it would be more helpful to stop teaching children to hate an Israeli or Jew just because they are Jewish?

Quantum Leap: Arab Spring Finally Extends to Israel

This was only partially true. There was something extraordinary in the force with which the discontent spread throughout the Middle East.

Kept in a Cage

They fight to end Occupation and against Apartheid in Israel, although they have never met before. They came to speak in front of a coalition promoting non-violent resistance against Israel. [The label 'non-violent' is misleading to us and quite f
Haifa, Israel. Image by Svetlana Klaise from Pixabay

‘Passionate About Israel’ A Very Lucrative Business

There is so much 'Passion' around, yet Israel would be much better off if it dissipated. She has plenty on her plate without 'Israelis' and American Jews aiding and abating her enemies. It is time to expose all those ill willed toward her existe
Mural III

Israeli Brigadier General Speaks in Los Angeles for J Street

Many of my friends refused to go. They are disgusted to the point of sickness from Israelis and American Jews fighting their own. So I braved the heavy afternoon traffic and drove 45 minutes to a synagogue I never visited before.