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Brian D'Ambrosio lives in Missoula, Montana. He works as an instructor, media consultant, magazine editor, and marketing and communications coordinator. D'Ambrosio writes widely about history, theatre, architecture, blues music, boxing, NHL tough guys, and obscure American poets and authors. He is the author of 10 books and more than 600 published print articles.
Jimmie Walker

Pioneer From The Projects: The ‘Dyn-o-mite!’ Life of Jimmie Walker

Brian D'Ambrosio chats to Jimmie Walker, a fiercely American success story, who says the schedule and timing of comedy still invigorates him.
Free Ryan Ferguson!

Ryan Ferguson Now A Free Man After His Murder Sentence Was...

In 2005, Ferguson and an acquaintance, Charles Erickson, were convicted of the Nov. 1, 2001, killing of Tribune Sports Editor Kent Heitholt. Erickson confessed, claiming he had dream-like memories
Ryan Ferguson

Appeals Court Overturns Ryan Ferguson’s Convictions

Ryan Ferguson, convicted of second-degree murder and first-degree robbery in 2005 for the death of Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt, has been granted a writ of habeas corpus because the state violated federal law by withholding material

The Different Facets of Labyrinth Revealed!

Physical representations are common throughout the world, and are generally constructed on the ground, like the stone-patterned eleven-circuit Redsun Labyrinth, so they may be walked along from entry point to center and back again.

Ryan Ferguson Awaits Appeals Court Decision

On Tuesday, September 10, attorney Kathleen Zellner and her law partner, Doug Johnson, appeared in Missouri's Western District Court of Appeals intent on righting what they see as an absolute wrong.

Ryan Ferguson’s ‘Dream Murder’ Appeal September 10

Kent Heitholt is bashed to death in a red pond of blood beside his car in a parking lot. At 2:26 a.m., he is found less than sixty feet from the door, victim of an apparent blunt-impact head injury.
Ryan Ferguson

Ryan Ferguson’s Freedom Quest: Missouri Man Appeals to Court Once More

Ryan's life whittles down to what transpired during eighteen minutes in the early morning hours the day after Halloween in 2001. Since 2004, he has been robbed of his life and family by the criminal justice system.
Philo Farnsworth

Remembering Philo Farnsworth, Inventor of Television

Philo Taylor Farnsworth died in 1971, at the age of sixty-four, all but totally forgotten.

Forevertron: The Mythic Obsession of Dr. Evermore’s Kinetic Architecture

The good doctor's world at Forevertron, a fascinating salvage of bits and pieces of machineries, bridging the industrial revolution to today's computer-driven, de-industrialized dimensions
Jeffrey Foucault

Jeffrey Foucault’s Roots Music

Foucault says what he finds right about American music is that the real deal is out there, most nights in little bars and clubs all over the country.
Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion

Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion: Gilded Age Milwaukee Mansion the Link to...

The mansion exists today as one of Milwaukee's great architectural landmarks, and towers as a prominent link to the Captain's life and times, bridging three centuries in the process.
Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson Birthplace Proud Of Their Son

In June 2006, Whitmore and about a dozen or so other local folks formed the Johnny Carson Birthplace Society. They see Carson as an example of the best of what our country and culture epitomizes.