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Georgios Zoumpoulidis is a freelance translator, writer and journalist.

Banking on Hope: Making Something Out of Nothing The TARP Way

What do the earnings of banks receiving TARP money mean? Is rewarding failure the new way of doing business? Is regulation and intervention helpful and necessary or just a multiplier of corruption? And why are there corporations too big to fail, if

Europe’s Flight to Quality

Austrian, Greek, Swedish, Belgian and Italian banks hold essentially the bulk of Eastern Europe's debt of almost 1.7 trillion. Did they go all-in before the turn holding just a low pocket pair?

Greece – Debt Financing Outlook for 2009 and Beyond

Perception is king: Greece is seen as 'weak', hence spreads widen; but this train of thought suffers from a hidden fallacy...

Riots in Greece aftermath – les Fleurs Du Male

The recent riots in Greece remind us that tragedies repeated become comedies and in the case of Greece, a 'comedia del arte'. Financial crisis combined with widespread corruption created an explosive social mix -still present.

Financial Crisis Update – Greece

Despite the political consensus to the contrary, Greece is very much exposed to the international financial crisis.