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Steven Blumrosen is an author, foreign correspondent, journalist, OpEd contributor, President of The Democratic Club of Bonita Springs and South Lee County, Instructor at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), computer DIYer, photography enthusiast, jack-attorney, and orphan.

Steven is completing a book with his father about Edward Coles, who believed Tom Jefferson’s battle-cry for equality and may have been the first plantation owner to free, rather than profit from, his slaves.

Today! HUD Seeks Comment on Proposed Disparate Impact in “Fair Housing”...

HUD has proposed new rules concerning Disparate Impact and "Fair Housing." The rules, themselves, may have a Disparate Impact, according to Curbed, a VOX (not...
A lesson in Political Activistm from Mr. Brad Joseph and NJ Gov. Chris Christie.

Activism 101: Got 30 Seconds of Fame? Seize it!

The goal of most political activism is to get attention and then deliver a message. In the digital age, attention may last 30 seconds....
Eric Foner (R) and Steven Blumrosen After the Final Lecture.

Historians May Fade Away; Their Students Remain: Eric Foner’s Last Class...

For more than 30 years, since 1982, Eric Foner, the DeWitt Clinton Professor of History, has lectured thousands of undergrads and helped 80 doctoral...
windows10 legalese

Microsoft: Too Big To Lose In Court – Windows 10 Legalese...

Windows 10 is easy to install and fast to use though some features have a learning curve. The one-sided legalese can be fun light summertime reading.

Cover With Kevlar For Security

Kevlar temporary tunnels should supplement armed and armored human security to protect evacuees from terrorists.
LBJ LadyBird KoalasAtLonePine

At G20, Will Obama Have Thoughts of The Day The Vietnam...

Barack Obama will be in Brisbane for the G20 conference next month. I wonder if he will have a chance to reflect on what happened to LBJ in QLD?
eric holder asserts right to discretion. youtube screenshot

Vote Nov. 4 To Determine AG Holder’s Resignation and Reconciliation

U.S. voters elect about 1/3 of the Senate on 11/4. Confirmation of new AG will likely depend on composition of new Senate. More will be known 11/5.
Daniel Zdenek Pohl, ExtremeZiplining

ISIS: Don’t Fence Me In

Congress agreed with the President's plan to lead a coalition against ISIS. We need to know where they are, stop others from joining, and stop them from moving around. A fence might do that.