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Jacob Stutsman is an informative, entertaining storyteller and book reviewer from Michigan.

Michael Lewis ‘The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine’

Michael Lewis returns to the subject of Wall Street to elucidate the cause of the financial crisis and those who saw it coming.

Sean Carroll ‘From Eternity to Here’

In 1988, Stephen Hawking gave the world A Brief History in Time. Now Sean Carroll goes From Eternity to Here.

Rebecca Skloot ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’

In her freshman effort, Rebecca Skloot offers a wonder story of science, family, and mystery.

Legislative Impasse: Country Becoming Harder to Govern

The country is becoming harder to govern at a time when reform is at its most needed.

The Politics of The Public Option

As health care reform nears its end, the fight over the public option continues.

Timothy Ferris Explores The Science of Liberty

In his latest book, Timothy Ferris argues that science and liberty are two indistinguishable elements that must go together in a developed society.

Book Review: The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris

In his sophomore novel, Joshua Ferris delivers a potent and incisive story that is sure to inspire the minds of his readers.

The Economy in Freefall: Joseph Stiglitz Takes on the Perils of...

Pulitzer prize winner Joseph Stiglitz offers his incisive thoughts on the economic downturn that has affected the world's economy.

Intellectuals, Beware Thomas Sowell

In 1974, body artist Chris Burden ascended a triangular platform at the Ronald Feldman art gallery in New York and did not come down for twenty-two days.

PO’d Over the Public Option

I don't believe that Taibbi's fulminations are anything other than the indignity begotten from a broken system, and yet his appealing morality story doesn't always hold true.

Bill Simmons Writes Sports Tome in The Book of Basketball

Bill Simmons explores the history and the long-standing debates of the NBA in this passionate and fact-heavy book.
Jennifer Burns

Jennifer Burns Chronicles Ayn Rand, Her Passions, and the American Right

Jennifer Burns offers an eloquent, capacious biography of the life of Ayn Rand.

Jonathan Safran Foer’s Modest Proposal: Finding Order in our Food Habits

Our eating habits are often at the mercy of cultural forces that seem irrational on the surface. Is it possible to form a so-called philosophy of consumption?

The Inevitability of Health Reform

Health care reform has taken on a feeling of inevitability, but it is important to understand where it came from and where it's going.

What is in an Award?

Everybody knows that achievement cannot be measured, but that doesn't stop people from trying.

Dawkins Weaves a Fascinating Evolutionary Polemic in The Greatest Show on...

Controversial author and biologist Richard Dawkins returns to discuss the large picture of a subject, which, in his mind, is decidedly uncontroversial, revealing the stunning elegance and beauty of biological evolution.

Michael Jordan: The End of an Era

Michael Jordan gives the Hall of Fame speech that everyone was waiting for but no one expected. Perhaps we should have seen it coming all along.

Do We Need Tort Reform?

Examining the true cost of medical malpractice and why all of the statistics may not be what they seem.

The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power

'The Family' by Jeff Sharlet is an investigative and historical book about the power of fundamentalism in America today.

The Searchers: The Search for Life Beyond Earth

There is life, as elusive as it is in this universe, and then there are those who search for it, real life versions of Roy Neary ('Close Encounters of the Third Kind'), electric lineman, bleary-eyed, not so much obsessed as driven by the compulsio