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Dr. Alon Ben-Meir
Dr. Alon Ben-Meir is a professor of international relations at the Center for Global Affairs at NYU. He teaches courses on international negotiation and Middle Eastern studies.
hamas fires rockets towards israel

The Curse Of The Occupation

Israel must take the initiative because its extraordinary achievements and permanence cannot be sustained by its military prowess alone.

Reality Check: Israelis and Palestinians Are Destined to Coexist

Alon Ben-Meir says the gap between Israelis and Palestinians grows wider, feeding the vicious cycle of death and destruction, obliterating the last traces of empathy toward one another.

Israel Fails to Maintain The Jewish National Identity Within The State

Israeli governments, with the strong support of the private sector, can and indeed must fully integrate the Arab citizens into the socio-economic and political streams of the country.
Haifa, Israel. Image by Svetlana Klaise from Pixabay

Fatah And Hamas Reconciliation: Rushing To Judgment

Alon Ben-Meir says the unity agreement at this will likely survive and offers new opportunities for the US and Israel to build on it rather than dismiss it.

Forfeiting Israel’s Reason To Exist

Alon Ben-Meir says every Jew wants to see Israel as a vibrant country: an economic powerhouse with a thriving democracy, self-confident and secure, capable of defending itself...
Israelis at the wailing wall. Image by Aleks Megen from Pixabay

Netanyahu and Abbas are Obstacles to Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement

Netanyahu claims that if he agreed to the release before securing the extension, his government would collapse, and Abbas feels that if he were to agree to Netanyahu's demand,
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The Geneva II Tragic Charade

Obama, who is determined not to engage America in another conflict in the Middle East, has left Syria to the whims of Russia's President Putin, who was more than eager to fill in the gap and usurp the political agenda to ensure Russia's long-term
israeli jewish man

Is Islam Compatible With Democracy?

Brighter days will yet come to Egypt as long as Tahrir Square remains true to its name, Liberation Square. The Egyptian people have now acquired the ultimate weapon that prevents despotism
Haifa, Israel. Image by Svetlana Klaise from Pixabay

Most Puzzling Aspect of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Although a majority of Israelis and Palestinians realize that coexistence based on a two-state solution may well be inevitable, intractable voices on both sides simply refuse to accept this reality.

Is Coexistence Between Israel and Palestine Inevitable?

To mitigate the hostility, we must first look into the elements that inform the psychological dimension and discover the means to alleviate it, as doing so is the prerequisite to finding a solution.