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Alessandro De Arcangelis was born in Naples, Italy. He published two books, "Un'Elitaria Democrazia" and "Zampa di Gatto" and worked with several magazines and newspapers. His interests vary from humanities to music, from philology to IT. He attended the classical literature and philology university in Milan, Italy.
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Bioethics of a Mammoth Size

Being subject and object of our technology: progress or regression?
opinions, ideas.

The Holy Shroud Exposed in Turin: Really?

Is the Holy Sheet the real Jesus' veil or just an instrument of power?

The Radioactive Side of America

A Compromised Nuclear Plant in New Jersey. America and Atomic power: friends or fiends?

Internet Explorer 9: A Radical Change?

Will the latest incarnation of the popular web browser by Microsoft manage to beat its antagonists Firefox and Chrome?

Julia Vorobjova: The X-Ray Woman

Somebody save the 'X-Ray woman'. She has been healing hundreds of people for years and years, including illustrious people who ended up in history books.

Lance Orton: We can be heroes, just for one day…

These are the words of mayor Bloomberg. The hero leaves the red carpet and the sparkling lights of history with four words, paradigm of his philosophy of simplicity and humbleness: 'See anything?

British Elections: A Change in and for History

Brown, Cameron, Clegg: Labour kingdom, conservative avant-garde or liberal revolution?
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Amsterdam: Panic for Bomb Threat

A cry launched by a man in the crowd during the two silence minutes in memory of the victims of World War Two triggers a massive stampede: thirty minor injuries, some children wounded, too.

A History of Atheism: From Sophists to the XXI Century

The evolution of the atheist doctrine throughout the centuries: naturalism, empiricism, illuminism, existentialism.
Opinions of people.

A History of Division: the Odd Policy of the Church

The mischievous and misleading political arrogance of the Roman Catholic Church

Church: When Morality is a Business

'The common moral sense of Italians was blown away by a wave of indifference and superficiality. Nowadays, they are simply overexploiting our difficulties and losing their dignity of pure sons of God'.

‘Mum, The Computer is Eating My Breakfast’: Short Guide to Avoid...

Even though the use of the internet is no longer such an arcane and remote thing, even if it appeared to be only a few years ago, odd and bizarre things are still being written.

Killing Democracy: How Berlusconi Made Italian Democracy Unconstitonal

Regional elections in Italy. Thirteen out of the twenty Italian regions will be called to vote to constitute the new local executive councils.
opinions, ideas.

Church and slavery: struggling or…?

Feuerbach, one of the main German philosophers of all time, once said that the core of development of mankind is dialogue, communication among men.

Feuerbach’s Naturalistic Humanities: Citizens of Earth

Feuerbach's ideal of man pictures a living being set in the very middle of this so-called humanism. A man conditioned by his own body and sensitivity.

Apocalypse, please: 2012

Many of us, witnessing terribly shocking facts, such as the first potential evidence of the upcoming end of the world, would probably react by looking for safety in prayers.

Harry Potter Hero Daniel Radcliffe Backs The Trevor Project

A 'major donation' to support suicide prevention among gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth

Historically Incoherent: Fools Again on Parade At The Vatican

A response to a reader. How the Catholic Church could not be historically coherent and how their law is not even democratic

Fools on Parade: No Respect For Non-Believers

Inconsistency in incoherence. This appears to be the main guideline of Benedict XVI's pontificate. Offer some kind of openness towards atheists, agnostics and rationalists... then offend them?

Was Seneca Worth an Oscar Award?

The first step in providing a proper analysis of the dramatic view Lucius Anneus Seneca held, in regards to his tragedy works, is to investigate his language and precise use of high and pregnant words.