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Clarence Walker

As an analyst and researcher for the PI industry and a business consultant, Clarence Walker is a veteran writer, crime reporter and investigative journalist. He began his writing career with New York-based True Crime Magazines in Houston Texas in 1983. As a writer for True Crime, Walker published over 300 feature stories.

Then he wrote for the Houston Chronicle (This Week Neighborhood News and Op-Eds) including freelancing for Houston Forward Times. Subsequently Walker began working as a paralegal for a reputable law firm while writing for National Law Journal, a publication devoted to legal issues and major court decisions. As a journalist writing for internet publishers, Walker's work can be found at American Mafia.com, Gangster Inc., Drug War Chronicle, Drug War101 and Alternet.

Riding the wave of publishing success, six of Walker's crime articles were re-published into a paperback series published by Pinnacle Books. One book titled: Crimes Of The Rich And Famous, edited by Rose Mandelsburg, garnered considerable favorable ratings. Gale Publisher also re-published a story into its paperback series that he wrote about the Mob: Is the Mafia Still a Force in America?

Meanwhile this dedicated journalist wrote criminal justice issues and crime pieces for John Walsh's America's Most Wanted Crime Magazine, a companion to Walsh blockbuster AMW show. If not working PI cases and providing business intelligence to business owners, Walker operates a writing service for clients, then serves as a crime historian guest for the Houston-based Channel 11TV show called the "Cold Case Murder Series" hosted by reporter Jeff McShan.

Newsblaze affords Clarence Walker the opportunity to expand his writing abilities in politics, human interest and world events.

Credit Score Deception: Why Do Consumer Credit Scores Differ From Lender Scores?
Clarence Walker investigates credit scores, finds the credit score you pay for may not be what your lenders use to make a credit decision on you.
15:57 Apr 16, 2014 PST
Frame-Up: Innocent Suspects Framed By Police in Drug-Plant Scheme Awarded $3.5 M
Investigative reporter Clarence Walker says our criminal justice system hinges on the honesty of law enforcement officers. When officers lie to obtain a conviction, they shatter people's lives.
05:06 Apr 10, 2014 PST
New Apple System Determines One's Location With Great Precision
Apple advocates this as a consumer benefit for shoppers. Discount coupons will simply pop up on your smart phone at relevant points as you walk around a store or mall.
09:27 Mar 28, 2014 PST
Corporations Forcing Consumers and Employees in Arbitration
Arbitration can be a fair and effective dispute resolution when both parties agree to handle matters this reasonable way.
18:08 Mar 26, 2014 PST
How Much Will Google's New Algoritms Change the Web in 2014
Clarence Walker looks at the new Google changes and shows seven ways they will affect your life.
06:02 Feb 4, 2014 PST
Convert Readers Into Customers With Hot-Sizzling Content For Your Business Blog
Clarence Walker shows how your business blog can attract more readers and convert readers into customers when you regularly publish hot-sizzling content.
14:17 Jan 14, 2014 PST
Mexican National Acquitted in Officer Murder Faces Retrial On Related Drug Charges
The case of Mexican National Roberto Romain, acquitted in Utah State Fourth District Court in the 2010 murder of Millard County Deputy Sheriff Josie Greathouse Fox gets complicated.
20:16 Dec 5, 2013 PST
How To Score Google Top Ranking By Writing Effective SEO Content
This is part-1 of an Occasional Series on: How to Use SEO Writing Techniques to Convert Web Users Into Buyers,
18:02 Oct 7, 2013 PST
Social Media 'Facts' Entrepreneurs Should Know
Entrepreneurs and marketing specialists must not miss out on elevating their businesses to the highest level of success by capitializing on billions of social media users.
17:04 Sep 12, 2013 PST
Five Effective Ways to Use Social Media For Marketing Research
Clarence Walker writes about creating an effective marketing research plan for your business, and the use of the right tools to leverage social media.
17:04 Sep 3, 2013 PST
Defining Critical Difference Between Market Research And Marketing Research
Clarence Walker demystifies Market Research And Marketing Research, providing definitions, explanations and examples, so entrepreneurs can build businesses
17:06 Aug 29, 2013 PST
Zimmerman Trial: A Tragic Communication Failure Killed Trayvon Martin
Of all the news media reports about racial stereotypes, young black men racially profiled and speculations over if (George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin) was the aggressor in this fatal drama
07:14 Jul 9, 2013 PST
Why It's Necessary To Add 'The Affirmative Voting Rights Act' Into the Constitution
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., writing for the majority, said, 'Our country has changed. While any racial discrimination in voting is too much, Congress must ensure the legislation it passes must remedy the problem...
18:44 Jul 3, 2013 PST
Convictions of Six Technology Executives Raise Questions About Guilt
Appellate lawyer Gwendolyn Solomon and Just-Cause members say the five black and one white man were victimized by a vicious, biased criminal justice system, riddled with corruption when dealing with minorities.
11:08 Jun 10, 2013 PST

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