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4 .Censorship in America - 43
5 .India's Hand in Nepal Royal Palace Massacre - 2001 - 27
6 .Smoke N Burn, Featuring Al Gore Daughter Sarah Gore, Signs with Starpower - 21
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9 .The Cold War - The Jimmy Carter Years (1976-80) - 12
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Sheree McDonald

Sheree McDonald is a junior at Southern New Hampshire University studying Creative Writing with a minor in Professional Writing.

Sheree writes about charities, organizations, and institutions that may be obscure or have little funding.

She tells the important and often hidden story behind the cause in order to gain more exposure for the organization as well as keep readers up to date with what is going on with the causes that interest them.

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'All Kinds of Minds' Offers New Approach Toward a Better Future for All Students
Once each student's learning profile is assessed, their strengths and weaknesses are uncovered. This is not the same concept as 'learning styles,' which refers to how someone prefers to take in information.
07:21 Sep 27, 2011 PST
'Sunday Friends' Paves Road in Helping Others Help Themselves
A look at an alternative to charity - helping others help themselves. Sunday Friends in San Jose, California, takes an innovative approach.
15:29 Sep 15, 2011 PST

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